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Maze Runner and Lord of the Flies in comparison

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will murdoch

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Maze Runner and Lord of the Flies in comparison

Maze Runner and Lord of the Flies in Comparison
Why I chose these books
The two books I have decided to compare, are James Dashner's Maze Runner, and William Golding's Lord of the Flies.
I have chosen these novels because they are relatable to each other, and are easy to compare. I even think James Dashner picked up a lot of inspiration from William Golding's work.
Character Comparisons
Both books are comprised of brave, bold, betraying, violent, and dangerous characters.
One example is is the main character from each book, Ralph (Lord of the Flies), and Thomas (Maze Runner). They both share the same traits: bold, ambitious, brave, and makes a good leader.

Comparing the plots
In both books, the main protagonist strives towards a goal, and undergoes missions and challenges to reach it. In the Maze Runner, the aim is to escape a lethal maze. In the lord of the flies, the aim is to escape an isolated jungle island.
The Setting
The Maze Runner's setting is in a post-apocalyptic world, with an industrial-esque maze that is covered in vines, and has deadly denizens that dwell within it.
The Lord of the Flies is set on a castaway island, covered in canopy, jungle terrain, and is also home to a supposedly life-threatening animal.
Language Conventions
The language used in both books are 100% english, but in the Maze Runner, there are British, Asian, and American accents. The dialogue is spoken/written the way a generic teenager would speak. Both books use slang and swearwords to emphasise this.
Both of the books may not have the same genre, but they do have the same sub-genres.
While the Maze Runner follows a science-fiction genre, the Lord of the flies is more Horror. However, they both have some of the same sub-genres. Both books have survival, adventure, thriller, and so on.
There are differences between the characters, plot, setting, sub-genres, and so on. Forr example,there is a female in the Maze Runner, but in the Lord of the Flies, there are only males throughout the story.

Book covers
Lord of the Flies
The Maze Runner
Main protagonists
Thomas (The Maze Runner)
Ralph (Lord of the Flies)
Main antagonists
Grievers (The Maze Runner)
The wild boar (Lord of the Flies)
The Glade (The Maze Runner)
The island (Lord of the Flies)
Notable comparisons #1
Chuck (The Maze Runner)
Piggy (Lord of the Flies)
Notable comparisons #2
Gally (The Maze Runner)
Jack (Lord of the Flies)
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