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Viscosity, Adhesion, and Cohesion

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Abby Wessels

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Viscosity, Adhesion, and Cohesion

. An attraction between the molecules of two different substances in contact with each other.
. Magnets or hair on a hair brush, an attraction between the two
Viscosity, Adhesion, and Cohesion
.The strength with which the particales of an object of fluid attract each other
. like liquid magnets
Resistance in Viscosity
For Example,
Oil has more resistance flow than water does. This is why oil is more 'Thick' than water.
All About Adhesion
Another thing that effect fluids to flow is Adhesion. Fluids are sometimes attracted to other solid or liquid objects.
. The resistance of a fluid to flow; the slower they flow, the greater the viscosity.
. Like maple syrup
A factor that affect how easily a fluid
flows is the force of attraction between the particales. Resistance is a complicated shape of molecules that make it more difficult for them to pass each other, water has regular shaped molecules so they pass each other easily
Sometimes, when you pour a glass of water,
the water stays connected to the cup for a minute before is drips off. This is an Example
of adhesion.
Have you ever been to a lake and seen those
weird tiny bug- like things ontop of the water?
They seem to be gliding on the water, they do
not sink because of cohesion.
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