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Human Trafficking

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Yanessy Sanchez

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking
Although Russia is an extremely large country with a very dense population, the amount of police and government involvement in crimes committed around has had a long history of being scarce. The attention they pay in no way matches up to the amount of crimes being committed right under their noses. Although they have greatly improved their national security as recently as 1 year ago, one of their biggest nationwide issues is human trafficking. Statistics still point to Russia as one of the most heavily afflicted countries with the act of human trafficking and slavery.

The United States
Slavery and Trafficking in Russia
Restavek Children in Haiti
Thai Economy
Article Five
“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
What Is Human Trafficking?
2 out of every 3 victims are women
Top 10
What does 'restavek' mean?
In creole it means "staying with"

Rester: "to stay"

Avek: "with"
What are restavek children?
Range from ages 2 - 17

Kids who no longer live with their parents and serve as slaves in homes of other people

Restavek kids may serve in strangers' home or in a family member's home
How do kids end up in the restavek system?
Poor parents believe the city offers better opportunities for their kids (work & education)

Parents send their kids to others' homes with a promise of education in return for their work
Lives of Restavek Kids
They're in charge of doing household chores (cooking, cleaning, washing, fetching water care for the family's kids) from morning to night
They're not allowed to go to school

Restavek kids are usually beaten and sexually abused
What is being done about the restavek system?
This system has been declared a form of modern slavery which is a clear a violation of human rights

The Haitian government made it illegal to own restaveks, but have not enforced this or attempted to stop the practice

The government tries to justify the restavek system by claiming it is a part of Haitian culture
• Turkey is a source, destination, and transit country for women, men, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.
What Is Their Government Doing?
• The government demonstrated significant improvements
its still a problem,,,
Even with the government trying to help, sex trafficking is growing rapidly and more children and women are becoming victims
Thailand is a destination country for men, women and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor
Commercial agriculture
Domestic work
Rely heavily on undocumented Burmese migrants, including children, as cheap and exploitable laborers
March 2008:
300 Burmese victims
September 2006:
Thai authorities conducted a raid on a shrimp processing factory in Samut Sakhon province.
800 Burmese men, women and children were rescued from conditions of involuntary servitude, including physical and psychological abuse and confinement
The factory remains in operation
Children from Cambodia are sold to human traffickers for $300 and end up working in Pattaya, Thailand
According to a study by the Woman’s Fund of Miami-Dade, there are an estimated 385 teen girls who work in the US State of Florida’s prostitution trade each month
Between November 2012 and July 2013, the state attorney office investigated over 100 child trafficking cases.
Kriti's House
Private, non-profit organization
Dedicated to healing and eradicating child sexual abuse.
Involved in meeting the legal, medical and emotional needs of child victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking, and holding the perpetrators responsible.
Ways To Stop Human Trafficking
Improve economic conditions and law enforcement in the countries of origin.

Establish awareness programs in the source countries to alert potential victims.

Coordinate law enforcement at a global level as crime gangs constantly change inter-continental trafficking routes.

Strengthen law enforcement agencies in those nations that don't presently set a high priority on trafficking in human beings.
Kazakhstan is a country of origin, destination, and transit in the trafficking of men, women, and children for sexual exploitation and forced labor.
shelters were being closed down
Leaving victims no where to go ......
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, stretching from Europe to the Pacific, and is a massive landmass for the origin, transit and destination of women, men and children who are trafficked into forced labor.
Russian women were reported to be victims of sex trafficking in many countries, including in Northeast Asia, Europe, and throughout the Middle East.
In the 1990s, the spotlight fell on thousands of women and minors trafficked out of Russia into prostitution, particularly to Europe and Israel.
Reports of Russian women being subjected to forced prostitution abroad continued to be received in 2010.
There are also reports of exploitation of children, including child prostitution in large Russian cities and forced begging.
The international political economy of sex and male demand for prostitutes gave criminal gangs and small operators huge possibilities for immediate wealth simply by kidnapping women
90% of the women who are transported to brothels are under 25 years old.
Two thousand cases of human trafficking were brought before the courts last year alone.
Official statistics show that no less than 500 000 cases of women being sold have taken place in Russia.
The State Deputy of the USA called Russia “one of the leading sources of the international trafficking of women”.
How it happens and What's being done about it
Contrary to popular belief, most victims abducted in Russia aren't just taken by brute force.
Victims mainly fall into trafficking in Russia due to false promises.
Promises of work opportunities, higher wages and a better future would lure the victims in to then hoax them and withhold their documents, force them into unpaid labor, physically abuse them, and then contain them in extremely poor living conditions.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union not only did poverty flourish but the tight restrictions on mobility that had prevented many Soviet citizens from traveling abroad were now eased. Furthermore, the international political economy of sex and male demand for prostitutes then skyrocketed bringing in an uprise in new criminals seeking opportunities for their own enrichment.
Every year, around 200 cases involving sexual exploitation and forced labor are reported to the police, but only few of them ever get as far as court.
Afghan boys are bought and sold by wealthy men in the old tradition of 'bacha bazi' - or boy's play - and used as slaves, while girls are sold, often by their families, for prostitution.
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