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4.03 World History

No description

trevor mason

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of 4.03 World History

4.03 World History
By: Trevor Mason

The Last Supper is a very popular piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci. I have seen this painting in many churches around town. My grandmother actually has it hanging in her kitchen.
Columns were built during the Renaissance and are currently being built. There are columns outside a lot of the government buildings in Tallahassee. I actually have columns outside of my house. Columns are a very important part of the Renaissance architecture.
One of the most popular parts of the Renaissance literature that is currently being used is William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is a great example of this. I was required to read this book my freshmen year in my English class. William Shakespeare was known for his brilliant plays during the Renaissance.
After Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, many painter over the years repainted it. It was a very popular painting. Many modern movies, songs, and books have been created featuring the Mona Lisa. Many paintings during the Renaissance focused on reality and not religion. This painting is a great example of how it helped bridge art from the Renaissance to today's modern world.
This is a building in Washington, D.C. This dome shaped building is a great example of Renaissance architecture because it was such a classic but common build.
Petrarch was a famous 14th century writer. This book is a great example because Petrarch was very popular during the Renaissance era. Some of his poems are still being used and recited today.
Another important Renaissance invention is the printing press, which Gutenburg used to print the Bible. This is important because it led to the Protestant Revolution. Printing is very important today. We use the printer to print pictures and documents.
Leonardo's study of birds helped shape future flying automobiles. Planes for both transportation and war missions have been created and improved over the years. Leonardo began the mission to make this happen.
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