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Danielle Karthauser's Portfolio

No description

Danielle Karthauser

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Danielle Karthauser's Portfolio

Table of Contents
Graphic Design
Audio / Video Work
Writing Continued...
Professional Work
Overview Statement
Final Statement
an electronic creative portfolio
Portfolio of Danielle Karthauser

This portfolio showcases my work that I have done professionally and voluntarily. Some things can not be displayed for privacy reasons, however if you wish to see them please email me at d.n.karthauser@gmail.com. Thank you!

Professional Work
Audio / Video Work
Graphic Design

Stein Seal Company
GROB Video
Company Newsletter
(see upon request)
(see issues upon request)
I led the Newsletter Team at Stein Seal, designing our issue layout using Microsoft Publisher, writing/editing articles, coming up with new ideas and guiding the team, editing photos, and organizing steps until publication
Harry Potter -
The Boy Who
Lived Downstairs
"Downton Abbey" is well known for its comments on the class system and the divide between the upstairs (upper class) and downstairs (lower class). How would the "Harry Potter" characters fair in the Edwardian world? Will your favorite characters live upstairs or downstairs
5 Great Heroines Every “Harry Potter” Fan Should Check Out
The “Potter” books feature many diverse female characters. Each one of them are not cardboard cutouts but well developed human beings. Here are five more female characters that fans of “Harry Potter” should also check out!
Don't Go in the Girls Bathroom
One night 75 years ago, a girl was murdered in a girls' bathroom. Ever since that day, the girls' bathrooms have been cursed. Do you dare enter a girls' bathroom alone?
Using Fiction to Deal
with Harsh Reality
After J.K. Rowling’s recent tweets using Snape and Dumbledore to defend her stance on the Israeli cultural boycott conflict, the question remains - is it appropriate to use fiction to deal with harsh realities, and why?
What's the Matter with Ginny?
The character of Ginny Weasley tends to leave readers wanting more. Could her character have been improved by one small plot change?
5 Good Reasons it is Important to Re-read Harry Potter
The iconic series was spectacular the first time around. Why not read it again? Here are 5 reasons why you should!
Sorting Holiday Characters
into Hogwarts Houses
You know the classic holiday characters, but do you know which Hogwarts House they would belong?
Hogwarts -- the New
Cabin in the Woods?
With all of today's modern technology, is going to Hogwarts a way to disconnect?
​Sorting "Downton Abbey"
Characters into Hogwarts Houses
​Where would the beloved "Downton" characters be sorted if they attended Hogwarts?
​Top Five First Sentences in
English-Language Literature
The "Harry Potter" series has one of the most iconic first sentences in English literature. What other novels match its excellence?
How "Harry Potter" has
Influenced the Millennial Generation
The Millennial Generation has been greatly shaped by the Boy Who Lived, but in what specific ways?
Ask the Groom
Video project I made for my friend's bridal shower.
I did the video work, audio work, and editing work
on the project and then presented it as a game at
the shower.
Chillin Snacking Logo & Business Cards
Logo I designed for a
friend's in home business.
West Chester University, Literati Volume 2
Puzzles and Pieces
Short Fiction (pg. 175)
Book Review
A Feast for Crows
by George R.R. Martin
Book Review
Kingdom Keepers:
Disney After Dark
by Ridley Pearson
Book Review
Notre-Dame de Paris
by Victor Hugo
Book Review
Telling the Truth
by Frederick Buechner
Book Review
by Justin Lee
Editorial Blog
Getting to the Core of
the Elliot Rodger Shooting
Editorial Blog
Why Disney Princesses Are Good Role Models*
*written in 2012, do not necessarily agree with all of my points any longer. Will be writing a response in the future
Editorial (Religion) Blog
Harry Potter and the Science vs. Religion Debate
Editorial (Religion) Blog
Biblical and Literary drops in the
Popular Series, "A Song of Ice and Fire"
Editorial (Religion) Blog
World Vision's Decision to Revoke Hiring Gay Employees
Editorial (Religion) Blog Series
Why This Christian Reader Hates Christian Books
Untitled Project (Vodcast - Video/Podcast)
I talk about subjects relating to books while playing video games.
The video below is an example. Please visit the link for my full page.
Recorded audio, recorded video game play, edited and put together.
Enlightened Podcast
Host Jen and I discuss episode 3 in the second season of the HBO show, Enlightened.
Talk Magic to Me / Talk Disney to Me Podcast
Podcast discussing Disney movies/topics
Alohomora Podcast Guest
Discussing Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 22
Did We Need That Sequel? Podcast
Hosted and produced this satirical podcast about bad Disney sequels
Keep Calm and Read On Podcast
Discussing Faith & Harry Potter with author Nicole Rivera
Gourmet Reader
Temporary project I had worked on discussing books and topics relating to books
Keep Calm and Read On Podcast
Jurassic Park Discussion with Jen
(from Enlightened Podcast)
Also made artwork for Did We Need That Sequel?, Talk Magic/Disney to Me video artwork, Untitled Vodcast video artwork, Chillin Snacking logo, and the MuggleNet article photos.
artwork for a work of fiction I am currently writing
artwork for a work of fiction I am currently writing
I hope you have enjoyed viewing my portfolio. If you would like to learn more about me or get in contact, please do so via the links below. Thank you for your time.
A Year of Big Books - Blog / Podcast
In a day and age of fast paced and brightly colored media on glowing screens, there sits the big book. It is more than a door stop or a place to hide valuable items. But in fact, what can one say about big books? That for some odd reason we either love them or hate them? Why is that? What is the appeal of a big book, yet also the hindrance? Are big books important? Why? And why must they be so heavy? Literally. But also figuratively.
In 2017, I have challenged myself to read only big books of fiction. What constitutes a big book? It simply has to be 500 pages or longer.
This podcast will document my year of big books. It will contain my book reviews and discussions with myself as I tackle philosophical questions about the specimen that is a big book, relating it back to pop culture and seeing if big books can provide insight to our lives.
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