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Fashion Industry and it's affect on body image

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mikaela illies

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Fashion Industry and it's affect on body image

How Does The Fashion Industry
Influence Body Image? The fashion industry puts out unrealistic images of how men and women should look. These images and messages are seen throughout our everyday lives; through media and advertisement, it's hard to escape being influenced when it's all around us. This 'ideal' image is presented to people at an early age and is consistent throughout their lives. What is body image? "The subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body." Body image is how you view yourself, it's usually either positive or negative. Fashion Industry
and Body Image Images of stick thin models with beautiful hair, perfect make-up and clothes is what the fashion industry put out to represent of what ALL women should look like. That what you weigh and look like is more important than your personality or values. "I have had anorexia for six years.
I weigh approximately 84lbs.
Me and this mannequin are very nearly the same size.
Thousands of young girls will walk past this mannequin every day, and to them it symbolizes how women are supposed to look."

This is not okay. The messages the industry puts out is different for males and females. For females the main message given is you must be skinny, and sexy. For males you must be masculine and buff. But each individual is affected differently. When these images are presented all around us, it begins to seem that this 'perfect' look is normal and what EVERYONE should look like. The fashion industry markets what it means to be
a girl from an early age.There always being a certain image that the age group should oblige to and if you don't it's not really acceptable. Have you ever noticed the types of clothes that stores try to market girls? You can't find a simple t-shirt without some way of making it feminine. Ex: sparkles, bows, etc.. The clothing they try to sell in a way degrades females. How females are affected How are girls supposed to have self
esteem when the clothes this industry markets degrades them? Victoria's secret 'love my body' campaign But fear not ladies even though most of society now expect us to look a certain way there is a few who do see your true beauty How Males are affected Although you don't hear about is a much, men are just as affected as women when it comes to self-esteem and body image. Remember the time when a men with chest hair were sexy? Well times have defiantly changed, now men are supposed to be absolutely perfect with no body hair what so ever. Well according to the fashion industry. The pressure is now on for males to live up to these standards, which is pretty hard when the standard is perfection. If a guy isn't the ideal man they're considered weak, or not a 'real' man. If a male isn't buff he isn't a real man.
If a male dresses poorly he's a slob
If a male dresses nicely he's gay.
All of these are stereo types given by the
fashion industry and presented to us everyday.
Guys can't seem to catch a break. How many times have you heard these people were gay? These images can have devastating affects on some people leading to eating disorders because they can't reach this standard of beauty But fear not ladies even though most of society now expect us to look a certain way there is a few who do see your true beauty All theses images are not only hard to obtain they aren't even real Questions Who do you think is affected more males or females? why?

Do you think they should ban photo shopping models?

How large of an influence does advertising have on your body image? Bibliography "Does The Fashion Industry Influence Your Self-Image?" Fearless Fat Loss.

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