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Book Reports (part A)

No description

Joanne Chan

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Book Reports (part A)

Joanne Chan
Elements of the Story
Main Characters:
There are three main characters:
"Matched" by Ally Condie
Cassia Maria Reyes:
Cassia is a dynamic character because throughout the entire novel, the author shows different sides of her. There is a very gentle side of her that is very peaceful and beautiful while the other is to '...Not go gentle into that good night... Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light' (Condie 96).
Cassia belonged to a family of four; father, mother and younger brother. Although Cassia lives in the Society where everything is meant to be perfect, she is still faced with many difficult decisions; who to love and which life to lead on. Between perfection and passion. Between Ky and Xander.
Ky Markham:
Xander Thomas Carrow:
Ky's 'real' parents died in an attack when he was very young, so he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in the Society, Oria. He quickly learned to blend in with everyone else without seeming awkward. Ky is a round character because he has many different sides to him and not everyone in the novel gets to know him as much as Cassia. To everyone else who lives in the same borough as Ky, they see him as a quiet, hard-working and happy young man enjoying life; forgetting about the past. But when Cassia gets to know Ky better, she learns that he remembers everything; including whatever happened that night to his parents in the outer provinces. Cassia soon gets to hear more and more about Ky and how Ky, as safe as he is, is willing to risk anything with and for Cassia.
Xander is a very handsome and attractive young man who every girl would love to be matched with. Surprisingly, through the Society, Xander is matched with his best friend, Cassia. He and Cassia have been growing up in the same borough since they were kids. They also went to first and second school together. After the match banquet, he and Cassia spent almost every moment of their life dreaming of each other. That is, until Cassia sees another face on the microcard which held all the information about her match. Before the conflict came into the novel, Xander was more of a static character who's always smiling and laughing, bringing light everywhere he goes. When the conflict was introduced into the novel and Xander learns about the relationship between Ky and Cassia, the author shows a deeper side of Xander; a young man who's heart is very fragile, emotional yet fierce and angry.
Point of View:
"Matched" is told only from the perspective of Cassia and all the conversations she has with her friends and family. The author uses this to tell us more about Cassia's feelings and thoughts toward things; the Society, Officials, Ky and Xander. Every time she kisses Xander, it feels very sweet and she feels as if she cannot live without Xander, but even though she hasn't kissed Ky yet, she already feels this tension that she can't live without Ky more than without Xander. Because Cassia shares her thoughts in the novel, we know how difficult it is for her to choose between Ky and Xander: "This is a difficult balance, telling the truth: how much to share, how much to keep, which truths will wound but not ruin, which will cut too deep to heal" (Condie 357). Through this thought from Cassia, it proves that she loves both Ky and Xander. She knows that she must choose only one to love forever but she also doesn't want to see the other fall apart; heart broken.
Cassia Reyes, who is exactly seventeen years old, attends her Match Banquet with her best friend, Xander. She has always trusted the choices of the officials and she was sure that her match would be perfect for her. Surprisingly, Cassia's match was with her that evening; Xander. When she heard his name, she was sure that they are a perfect match.
After the Match Banquet, Cassia spends the next few months being with Xander and getting to know him better through a little microcard that contains everything about her match, Xander. As Cassia inserts the microcard into the port screen, something unusual happens. The face of her match appears then quickly vanishes. "'Cassia Reyes, the Society is pleased to present you with your Match.' My heart stops, and I can't believe what I see. A face comes back into view on the port in front of me. It is not Xander" (Condie 35).
The face that Cassia saw was not just anyone, it was someone she recognized; Ky Markham. When her Official comes talk to her about that other face she saw on the port, she reassures Cassia that he is an Aberration and will never be matched with anyone.
Coincidently, Cassia and Ky have signed up for the same leisure activity; hiking. The first day on the little hill, Cassia takes a look at a poem that her grandfather gave to her earlier before his Final Banquet. She secretly looks at it, for this poem was stolen by her grandmother, an Official, and this poem is not suppose to exist. When Ky finds out about the poem, he tries to help Cassia destroy it before anyone finds out and gets them in big trouble. Because of this leisure activity, Ky teaches Cassia to write, although it is against the laws, they become closer friends, share secrets that were never meant to be spoken, share a love relationship that will keep their hearts and souls together and nothing will ever separate them; including the Society.
As time goes on and Cassia learns more about Ky from the drawings he gives to her on the little hill, the Officials find out about Cassia, Ky and their relationship.
One morning, Cassia hears screams coming from Ky's house. She knows that something must have happened to Ky. With no tracker or branches to stop her, Cassia runs down the borough towards Ky's house and to her surprise, there were Officials and Ky with his hands locked up, just like what he drew in a picture to her.
"... In the middle of all the noise, I point to the sky... My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him" (Condie 320).
After Ky was taken away to the Outer Provinces, Cassia feels weak and tired. She suddenly remembers the last drawing and story that Ky gave to her about him. She unfolds the napkin and there, in front of her, is a picture of Ky; smiling. His hands were empty, and reaching a little; towards Cassia. Attached to the picture is a message: "'Cassia. I know which life is my real one now, no matter what happens. It's the one with you... Maybe this is my way of not going gentle. I love you'" (Condie 364-365).
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