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Gianna Ortiz & Angela Gonzalez

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Gianna Ortiz & Angela Gonzalez

Gianna Ortiz & Angela Gonzalez
Bruce Crandall
Bruce Crandall did more than 20 flights into enemy fire during a battle in Ia Drang Valley, South Vietnam, in November 1965, helping 70 wounded men and delivering ammunition. The battle was in the film We Were Soldiers. On February 26, 2007, Crandall received the Medal of Honor.
Extra Information
In January 1966, the first American and South Vietnamese Army operation, "Operation Masher," Crandall, while under enemy fire and with only a spot flashlight to guide him , twice dropped his helicopter through the jungle to rescue 12 wounded Soldiers. For his courage in that incident Crandall received the Aviation & Space Writers Helicopter Heroism Award for 1966.
Heroism Award
born on febuary 17,1933
middle name is perry
he is still alive and is 80 years old
He has 3 children, named R.Dnovan; Steven; Michael
He was drafted at age 20 and it was said they had put him up but it turned out that nobody had put him down.
Courage & Citizenship
He withdrew his name from consideration in the 1900's because he worried his quest for the medal might over win of his wingman & friend Ed Freeman
He switched helicopters three times after the aircraft was shot up.
Freeman & Crandall had pulled more than 70 Americans out of the battle zone. The battle lost 79 men the north vietnemese were overcome.
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