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GRS Recruiting

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of MORE JOs

Path to More PC Placements
More JOs
Initiatives for increasing the number of Job Orders from PC Team
New Weekly Goal
5 Lead Qualifying Conversations
Must talk to the Hiring Manager
Go for a JO
1 Job Order per week
Lead Generation
During Tuesday meeting, each PC will present marketing plan
If there is an opening, goal is to get a JO
Do not discuss fee - learn to deflect it (training topic)
Do not stop if they have candidates already
Get better at selling the process - gaining buy-in
Lead Development
Each lead will be tracked by Mike
Mike will coach or call with as appropriate
Mike will take JOs with PCs
Each PC will create a Rollup for leads
Project Handling
Mike will handle the client lead role on PC developed searches where able
Goal to work with each PC one search/Placement this quarter
Keys to Success
Follow plan
Market consistently
Hold each other accountable
Commit to improving overall client skills
End every call with a mutual commitment to a next step
3 consecutive weeks of hitting goal
Friday afternoon off
Alternating accountability teammate will be assigned
Creating Plan
Market back to recruit plan before starting a new search
Look for companies not yet in PCR
E-mail campaigns each month for new names added in last month
Search for online leads that match your MPC
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