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Final Film Project Presentation

No description

allison gracey

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Final Film Project Presentation

Movie Facts Director: Roland Emmerich
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Year Released: 1996 Major Actors Will Smith Bill Pullman Jeff Goldblum Genre: This movie has a few different Genres
Science Fiction, Action and Adventure Similar Movies Acting: Setting, Costumes & Make Up Aliens Ship Area 51 Army men
President Air-Force Pilot Emotional ties President of U.S Wife Dies has a
daughter Strong Leadership Skills Sense of humor Cares for his family When motherhship blew up i
felt victorious Very protective of loved ones Not afraid to get physical army garb looks authentic good image of Aliens Suit and tie make president look official Good portrayal Area 51 Plot Aliens invade Earth Davin Levinson discovers that the Aliens are here to harm Mankind Major US cities are destroyed, the President barely escapes The President launches an attack on the Alien ships The attacks fail, the Aliens have a more advanced technology that our weapons are useless against The President is taken to Area51 to learn more on the Aliens One final attempt to stop the aliens is made because David Levinson discovers that a virus could penetrate the Alien's defense David Levinson, Capt Steven Hiller, and Russell come together and fight the aliens and come out victorious on July 4th, Independence Day SUBPLOTS Captain Steven Hiller falls in love and marries a stripper
The President's wife is seriously injured in alien attacks and dies
David Levinson still loves his ex-wife, the President's chief advisor Theme Randy Quaid When everyone comes together, great things can happen

the whole world forgot its differences to defeat a common foe Photography In Independence day the lighting on major actors is mostly dimmed with a focus bright area to show the main view area in the motion picture. Also the director creates a more brittle images for the stressful and fearfull issues happening and more soft images for the loving careful issues. Special Effects The White House model was one-twelfth the actual size of our real White House, and nine cameras were used to accurately catch all the action. Independence Day also had more miniatures than any other film of its time, making it most likely the creepiest set of all time. It sure did set a lot of records. INDEPENDENCE DAY contains more than 500 effects shots, combining computer generated imagery, digital compositing, digital matte paintings, and traditional miniature model effects, among other techniques. The sheer amount of effects shots makes it the biggest effects film of the 1990's. Sound Of The Film The sound in this film really set the pace of the movie. Alien's are envading earth and there is a lot of panic therefore there is a fast pace sound through the film during action or overwhelming effects. Actors scream with great fear because of the UFO blowing up the building and a mass ball of fire is rushing at them. Through out the movie the music, and sounds made this film. I believe without the dramatic effects this movie wouldnt be as "on edge" and exciting as it is today. Symbols american flag
white house Motifs Patriotic Metaphors Chess
"checkmate" Capt Steven Hiller David Levinson President
Thomas J. Whitmore Russell Casse
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