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Adventure Time!

learn all things Adventure Time

Lizzie McLean

on 4 June 2011

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Transcript of Adventure Time!

ADVENTURE TIME! Finn and Jake Finn and Jake are bestfriends and are adopted brothers who live in land of Ooo and save it almost everyday from various evils. This is the land of Ooo, but Finn and Jake also travel to other places like lumpy space and mars. This is the candy kingdom where Princess Bubblegum lives with her candy subjects Lumpy Space Princess or LSP lives in lumpy space She loses her temper alot but she really just wants to be a good friend Supporting Characters Worm King Lady Rainacorn marceline Marceline Bubblegum Princess Lumpy space Princess Ice King Hotdog Princess Bummble Bee WHAT??? In one episode Finn removes his hat DID YOU KNOW? 1. In every episode there is a slug somewhere 2. 3. The Mermaids dont have tails Ice King The Ice King is a villan who trys to steal princesses and force them to marry him but is always stopped by Finn and Jake. The Ice King also has a flock of penguins his favorite is named Gunter. The Ice King is obsessed with Ninjas but he keeps it a secret (which makes him totaly unrighteous). Penguins! They are the Ice Kings Minions though they dont do evil and are loved by all. Can you belive it finn met Abraham Lincon on Mars?! Marceline Marceline is the vampire queen who travels around the land of Ooo but also lives in a cave. Marceline and her Dad have a rocky past because one time she bought fries and he ate them, oh and theres that little fact about how when Finn released him he went around Ooo sucking everyones souls. Her actions may make her seem evil but they always turn out to be good because she just likes messing with people. Lady Rainicorn Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegums friend and jakes girlfriend she has magical powers and can change the color of any object, fly (even though she doesn't have wings), and even though shes a lady cand still be a rockin adventure. Worm King The worm king once took over Finn and Jakes house while they were gone. The two best things about him are 1. he has millions of worm minions 2. he has special powers and can make you hug him. Bumbble Bee The Bumbble Bee appears in every episode... in the ending credits that is with a Butter fly, lady bug, and worm but they arn't quite as importen. Princess Hotdog Princess Hotdog is a Wienner Dog she herself has been caught by the Ice King too. Though she is in episodes she rarely if ever talks. Princess Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum (the main princess) is made of bubblegum and is the Ice Kings main target, Finns too! Finn likes Princess Bubblegum but dosen't admit it. Princess Bubblegum is SUPER smart she knows almost everything and is incharge of almost everything. She knows Finn likes her and she secretly likes him to. Recently she was dumped into a pit of evil by the Ice king and turned nasty poo poo evil, trying to get her back to normal the Ice King and Finn team up and Freeze her so they can have more time to save her, but she gets tiped over and breaks. Dr Icecream trys to piece her back but dosent have enough bubblegum so she ends up being 12 years old again Lumpy Space Princess Lumpy space princess or lsp lives in lumpy space in lumpy space they have weekly promcomming dances. Lsp always gets in fights with her parents who are joined at the back. Her catch phrases are Lump off!! oh my Glob! ect. Lsp has recently run away from home to be a hobo and now lives in the Candy Kingdom finding cans of beans and living off that.
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