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No description

Matthew Johnson

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Memoir

What is memoir?
Make a list of important people in your life
Similar to an autobiography. But, rather than telling about a whole lifespan of a person, a memoir is usually focused on a particular time or event in the writer's life that is significant for some reason.

Make a List of Important People in Your Life
Now share your people with your table.
With a partner highlight lines that bring Mom to life.
The iceberg theory is the idea that an author should know so much about their character that what they show them is only the tip of the iceberg.

That means the information given to the
reader should be the stuff that best shows
who the character is.
The information not given directly
can help color the story as well, though it should be
lurking just out of sight.
Now, label each part you highlighted with type of description the author uses.
"Her long hair was streaked with gray, tangled and matted...."

What makes a time
or event significant? Think about your own life and/or memoirs you've read.
Brainstorm with a
Physical description
The Biebs!
Momma Bieber
Now pick one of the people from your list and explode them using an idea web. Don't forget to use lots of different types of description.
Please create your own iceberg by
highlighting the best details on your idea
web for bringing your character to life. Remember, don't choose them all!
Now write your memoir episode using those best of the best details! At the same time, don't forget to let the other details color your writing as well! Refer to list of significant moments if you need ideas.
Matt Johnson &
Camille Martin

Find someone you have not talked to in class. Share your exploded person with them.
You have 2 minutes each
Should anything be added to the list?
What are the different types of description you identified?
Go back through your piece, and highlight an area where you did a particularly good job with one of the descriptions.
Write your example on a sticky note and place it on the butcher paper under the appropriate category.
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