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SLA Inspiration Award 2017 - Kingham Hill School

No description

Donna Saxby

on 1 October 2017

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Transcript of SLA Inspiration Award 2017 - Kingham Hill School

Once upon a time there was a school...
5 spaces
Sixth Form
Study Room
Main Hub
Presentation Space
Reading Space
Classroom Space
...that had a room of books, but no library...
but with a strong vision and 5 years of investment, passion
and planning the
school created its new
For the first time in its 130 year history the school had a library with:
enough room for a class to be taught
room for 2 classes to be taught
a separate study space just for sixth form
enough capacity for a wide variety of books
lots of face on display, encouraging browsing
distinct areas for different types of books
plenty of power sockets, including usb
a comfortable, resource rich and engaging space such as every community deserves
a guaranteed space for sixth form,
not bookable for classes,
touchscreen PC TV, study space for 20+
help desk, ipad checkout. chess tables, sofas, 11-16 fiction, photocopier/printer, chromebook cart of 16, dyslexic friendly reads, information screen,
study space for 20+ or presentation space for 30+
16+ fiction, classic fiction, touchscreen PC TV, tinkerspace
sofas, manga and comic books, ipad checkout,
non-fiction (inc 'Shelf Help' and A Level recommended reading)
study space for 30+, touchscreen PC TV, chromebook cart of 16, non fiction by subject area
flexibility and variety in seating and desks
(Not) The End...
Weekly reading classes for all of KS3
Digital Literacy Classes Year 9, collaborating with Geography & History
A variety of classes across all years, for reading and research
...as we continue to develop the library
Additional book pods in reading and study areas
Adjusting the layout of tables and sofas
Additional feature displays
Creating a 'tinker' space - library as a place to 'make'
Magazine, Reading and 'Tinkering' Clubs 3.30-4.40pm
Homework Clubs 5-6pm
Extended opening Mon, Wed and Fridays 6.45-8.30pm
All EPQ sessions
Most Sixth Form study periods

3534 Books loaned 16/17
42% increase on previous year
1000% increase over 5 years
equivalent of 19.6 books per day
or 11.6 books per pupil p.a.
Author visits and writing workshops
Harry Potter Book Day
World Book Day
Academic Society and EPQ Presentations
All of which have had a positive effect on reading and learning!
9 months of building work
more than triple the size
opened in July 2016
Introduction of Pupil Librarians
Inspires and supports learning and reading for pleasure
Is flexible, resource rich and pupil-focused
Our School Library
Enables independence and collaboration
Is a unique venue for talks,
presentations and events
At the heart of
our school
“It’s a library you can really use. There are sixth formers studying and classes learning at the same time.
It brings us all together and we can use it to learn

Tom, Year 13

It’s a social hub. It’s also a great place to come and learn
, even when it’s busy there are always quiet places you can go and learn. You can also get help and reading recommendations.”
Sophie, Year 10

The library has had a positive effect on everyone in the school
. You feel welcome, it’s a comfortable environment.”
Luigi, Year 10

It’s really nice for us to have our own space as sixth formers
, to be able to work and use the research materials. We can practice our own presentations on the TVs. We can work with other pupils and our teachers.”
Sam, Year 13

“There’s so much to do in the library. There are books, you can play chess, you can study, there are laptops.
You can find out stuff you didn’t know. You can do anything!

There’s even Tinkering so you can learn to sew, learn new skills”
Alice, Year 10

“My favourite part of the library is the variety of books, I’ve discovered books that I would have never read before.
It has opened my mind.

Meghan, Year 11

“There are lots of books, you can come at break and play chess or go on the laptops.
You can go to Tinkering club where you make things and take them home
Matthew, Year 8

What Pupils Say
thoughtfully integrated technology
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