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Module 4 Presentation

Coz Group 6 is just plain awesome

Anuj Mehta

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Module 4 Presentation

Solid State
Electric Piano Matthew Lai
Murtadha Al-Tameemi
Maan Almarghalani
Amr Amin
Dhruv Raturi
Anuj Mehta Electric Circuits Electric Circuit Input:
- Geophone
- Clean digital signal Black Box Demystified Amplifiers:
- Two steps to eliminate DC offset of op-amp
- A total gain of 10000 Black Box Demystified Comparators:
- Two Comparators
- OR'ed output
Sample and Hold Microcontroller -Measuring Time
Differences Measuring Time Differences Requirements:
- Microcontroller must be used
- Data must be sent to the computer
- Must not take more than 100 ms Microcontroller Block Diagram Multilateration- Calculating
Position Graphical User
Interface Screenshot Sheet Music Synthesizer Geophones Mechanical Design Diagramatic Representation Goal: Design efficient Geophones

How to achieve:
- Decrease the resonance frequency
- Increase the damping Summary Mechanical Representation
of Geophone Low Pass Filter Electrical Representation
of Mechanical System
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