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Athletes and Sports Competitors

No description


on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Athletes and Sports Competitors

Athletes and Sports Competitors
Written by Trinity Gant

Education and Training
In order to become an Athlete you will need a Bachelor's Degree (4 years), must have a High School Diploma,and few are recruited out of high school.
Who and What they work with?
They work with many coaches,trainers,nutritionists,sports officials,bats,balls,rackets,and team members.
The description of what Athletes do is that they compete in tournaments,work with teammates or alone.
The duties of an Athlete are to exercise and practice, play sports games,and be a part of a team.
Where and When?
Many Athletes play indoors and outdoors. Mostly on fields,courts,stadiums,tracks,gyms,rinks,courses,and many more places.They also might play or practice early in the morning,late at night,or in the evening.
Job Description
Similar Jobs
Some similar jobs are coaches, manager,umpire,referee,and team manager.
Related Subjects

Some related subjects are p.e.,health,reading,writing,english,and physiology.
Why do I like this job?
I like this job because it can make you healthy and it is fun.
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