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Dual Axis Tracking System

Major Project Presentation

togari ranjith

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Dual Axis Tracking System

Batch No 20
T.Ranjith Kumar (09261A0257)
D.Manoj (09261A0215) WHAT IS IT....?? Block Diagram HOW IT WORKS...??? The solar panel is made to rotate from east to west to receive maximum direct radiation from the sun everyday and also the panel is made to rotate from north to south to track the change in position of the sun seasonally Design Facts DUAL AXIS SOLAR TRACKER Internal Guide:
Associate Professor Device used to track the sun's direction and move synchronously along with the sun to receive maximum direct radiation to produce more output. How Did We Make it...? Panel is Connected to the shaft of DC gear motor which is controlled by using a micro controller that is used to control the position of the panel accordingly with the suns position Design of Physical Layout Design of Code Layout Design Of Physical Layout Regulating Block Interfacing Block Output Block Design of Code Layout Compilation Simulation Dumping Circuit Diagram Technical Constraints Power Consumption Motor Torque Weight Of the Panel Mechanical Designing Of the Model Wooden Frame Castor Wheels Limiting Switches Working Model Cool Facts Power production on a dual axis system can be increased Low maintenance and short pay back period Easy Installation Application Areas Artificial satellites and in space problems like mars orbitars Traffic signals etc... Conclusion This simple method of sun tracking system can be made more advantageous and more efficient by improvising the basic model .

This sun tracking system has a very much scope in the very near future. Why it is....?? Efficiency of a normal solar panel is upto 15% A dual axis solar tracker increases the annual output approximately upto 36%
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