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Montana's Definition of Proficient for LEP Students

No description

Yvonne Field

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Montana's Definition of Proficient for LEP Students

5.0 Overall Score
Input from
Additional Measures
Montana's Definition of Proficient
for LEP Students

4.0 Literacy Score
School , District Assessments
reading comprehension assessments
language development
writing assessments
MontCAS data
Did the student score proficient on the ELA portion of the Smarter assessment?
Reading + Writing
Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing
Academic Achievement
English Language Proficiency
Questions? Contact the OPI:

Yvonne Field, Assessment Specialist
yfield@mt.gov or 406-444-0748
Link to Original Criteria for ID and Definition of Proficient Document
Montana's Definition of "Proficient" for LEP Students
In order to determine when LEP students become proficient, districts will take into account
multiple measures which include:
◊ At a minimum, an overall score of 5.0 along with a rating of 4.0 in literacy(reading and
writing) on the ACCESS English Language Proficiency Assessment; and
◊ Input from additional measures of reading, writing, or language development available
from school assessments.
1. Montana’s definition of proficient takes into account the three main criteria of the federal definition of limited English Proficiency: English Language Proficiency, Academic Achievement, and English Proficiency that supports full participation in society. It is important in making reclassification decisions to gather and consider data in all of these areas.

2. At a minimum an overall score of 5.0 along with a minimum rating of 4.0 in Literacy on the ACCESS for ELLs English Language proficiency assessment is required. The Overall score includes the domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. While the Literacy score includes the domains of reading and writing only. This information is available on the access for ELLs teacher results reports that are delivered in the spring system test coordinators. Systems can also use the student roster reports to look at this information.

3. The second part of the definition of proficiency considers academic achievement data. The definition states that in addition to the ACCESS for ELLs results, input from additional measures of reading comprehension, writing, and language development available from school assessments should be considered. Examples include: MontCAS data---did the student score proficient or better on the Smarter Balanced assessment in the areas of reading comprehension and writing?---School, classroom, and district wide sources of data to consider are reading comprehension assessments, writing assessments, and other assessments of language development. A note of caution, data from the dibels reading fluency assessment is NOT indicative of English Proficiency, many English Learners can read fluently but continue to struggle to comprehend what they are reading because of language barriers.

4. The third part of the definition of proficiency considers the student’s fluency with the English language in terms of their ability to full participate in society---or in other words is the student able to fully participate in all activities that are part of the school environment and beyond. Some questions to consider are: does the student have language and understanding of the social pragmatics of the English language culture of the school? Does the student exhibit interpersonal skills needed to participate in group work? Are there any behavior issues that are a result of the student’s lack of English language proficiency?

5. If the student meets these criteria for proficiency, then they may be exited

6. Don’t forget to update the student’s LEP program status in AIM. The deadline to update student information in AIM for student that are being exited is June 30th of each year.

7. Questions? You can contact me, Yvonne Field, at yfield@mt.gov or 406-444-0748 or you can contact Natalee Rowe at nrowe@mt.gov or 406-444-3482. The document that this presentation is based on can be found at the link on this screen.

Participation in Society
Consider if the student has sufficient English to fully participate in society
Natalee Rowe,
Title III Indian Education Specialist
nrowe@mt.gov or 406-444-3482
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