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No description

nazanin beygi

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of EARTH SCIENCE

Hover Boarding!
Thank you for traveling to Venus.

Venus really is the Earth's twin and it is the hottest planet in our solar system.
It's actually impossible to say who discovered Venus,since the planet has been known since before recorded history.Galileo pointed his telescope at Venus in 1610,and demonstrated that Venus was really a planet,orbiting the Sun and not the Earth.
Thank you for coming to Venus! Hoping you have an amazing experience!
- Enjoy a day of exploring the surface of venus on Hover Boards
-Our hover boards can take you over virtually any surface!
- It will be bright outside!
-Venuses rotation is longer than an orbit!
-It takes 243 days to rotate and 225 days to orbit!

See the Volcanoes of Venus
Thanks to new technology you can now travel on the hottest planet in the solar system!
-special suits that keep you comfortable even at Venuses burning temperature of 485 degrees and enable you to breath oxygen
- Venuses atmosphere is mostly CO2
-Venus has loads of beautiful volcanoes!
-Due to the high atmospheric pressure on Venus the winds are slow, meaning the weather doesn't take a toll on Venuses surface.
-Many of the volcanoes we will explore will look as if they are freshly formed!

-Venus is the second planet from the sun, 67 million miles away.
named after roman goddess of love and beauty
- Venus is close! The flight is only 2.5 minutes away on our luxurious space ship
- Venus is Earths sister planet and is similar to Earth
95% of Earths diameter and 90% of Earths gravity
-Has a vastly different composure
_ Perfect planet to visit for your first interplanetary vacation! Full of adventure packed activities

Enjoy a Scenic Helicopter Ride!
- Venus is covered by a thick layer of sulfuric acid clouds
-Surface of Venus is not visible from space
-cloud layer is very reflective
-Our 100% transparent helicopter will fly below the clouds
-A beautiful view of Venuses valleys, volcanoes, and mountains
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