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Decline of Feudalism and the Black Death

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emily brown

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Decline of Feudalism and the Black Death

The Decline of Feudalism . The Crusades
Killed 1/3 of Europe's population
-Universities lost students and professors
-More than half of Europe's clerics died
People think the church is powerless
Church less powerful and wealthy
Jews were blamed and persecuted for poisoning wells. Effects of the Black Death The End of Feudalism Nobles became weaker, and the kings took back their land and power.
Because kings took back power, Centralized government was established. Black Death Spread
Spread throughout trade routes
Caught by italian merchants who brought it back with them
Things that the crusaders stole carried germs
Rats on ships
Throughout families Reasons for: christian pilgrims being attacked, pope wants to unite christian churches, and to take back the holy land
1st crusade: 70,000 muslims died, jews burned alive at the stake, crusaders won.
2nd crusade: Battles at Attalia and Dorylaeum, Saladin (muslim leader) won. Europeans shocked.
3rd crusade: To take Jerusalem, peace treaty, 2700 prisoners.
4th crusade: Crusaders attack the city of Zara and Constantinople. They were ordered to attack the Muslims, but not Zara. No winner. Christians kill most people. How the Crusades Affected Feudalism Because of the crusades, serfs decide to leave there manors, to fight. Once they are done fighting most don't come back. Because there is no one to work on their manor, the lords decided to leave to fight. Trade is now increased because more people leave the manors and travel. By: Emily Brown Topic Number 10: Analyze the causes and effects that led from the decline of feudalism to the Black Death.
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