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Benefits and Beneficiaries of Research

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Kyla Salenga

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of Benefits and Beneficiaries of Research

Non-academic Beneficiaries
1. University policy-makers directly or indirectly involved in international student recruitment and support;
2. University support staff, international student advisors and recruitment officers working with international students;
3. International student recruitment agencies who may use the positive experiences reported in the research to boost recruitment;
4. Educational associations and organizations (e.g. The Council for International Education, Universities UK), and other agencies and charities (e.g. the British Council) who are involved in educational matters;
5. International students

Academic Beneficiaries

1. Researchers and academics working in the fields of intercultural education and comparative education will be the immediate beneficiaries of the research. The research will provide a significant contribution to existing knowledge in this area.
2. The research will be of particular interest to academics working with international students in teaching and other support roles.
3. Academics and teaching staff who work on English language teaching courses will find the results of the research particularly useful for them.
1-2. The ________ for students engaged in research and creative work are ________.

3-5. Give the 3 types of benefits.

6-7. Give the 2 types of beneficiaries.

8-10. What have you learned in our topic? Explain it based on your own understanding. (3 points)
Educational Benefits

• Working with a faculty mentor
• Learning about issues, methods, and leaders in your chosen field
• Applying concepts from your courses to “real life” situations
• Furthering your creative achievement
• Sharpening your problem-solving skills

Professional Benefits
• Exploring potential careers
• Enhancing your professional communication skills
• Learning new techniques and skills for your career
• Preparing for graduate or professional school
• Networking with others who share your interests

Personal Benefits
• Growing as a critical, independent thinker
• Building confidence and the ability to work independently
• Enhancing your awareness of ethical issues

Any type of research could give us different benefits which would help us in discovering new things. There would always be a beneficiary. Somebody should benefit when it comes to making a research. In the end, you should enjoy making your search and
still - live life to
the fullest.
Benefits and Beneficiaries of Research

for students engaged in research and creative work are
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