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Copy of R006 Specifications

No description

Reece Osborn

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of R006 Specifications

The aim of my job is to create a new logo for an owner of a company that they just recently brought this said I have to keep the title of their company and I have the decision whether or not to add the logo or not. The owner has allowed my good judgement alone to create there new symbol for the business.
The audience of course are not all children but they are adults as well mostly aimed at them who are asking for new pets or pet supply’s, this is to be presented in a modern fashion with color unlike the old one which was just a dog and cat silhouette.
About the client:
The client is a female named Sam who has just brought Keep Pets a family-run pet shop that provides for all pets needs ranging from dogs to cats to fish. This client intends of revamping the company’s image to a new modern look to increase its visual graphic and hope to increase the stores popularity in the process.
What they want:
The client wants a brand new image for the business that she has just brought. This is to be a new colorful and attractive logo that will draw customers in and boost profits.
Success Criteria
The criteria that would be needed to succeed on this project would be Confidence with tools, Creative, Organized and good at time management.
R006 Specifications
Thank you!
Research Methods
My research methods consisted of me going onto the internet and looked through company logos to get ideas for the new logo I will be creating for Sam. For this I used Google Advance Search
The legislation is consistent of many parts of others and my work, I hope to combat this by asking one for the owners consent to use there product such as Image, Sound and/or Font; this is so that I abiy the Copyright Right Act 1968
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