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Bent's fort is located in

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on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Bent's fort is located in

Colorado History Project
,fur trappers, the United States Army, and the American Government. It was in one convenient spot so they could all meat in one place close to each of the territories.
Bent's fort is located in Southeast
Colorado. This places involved American Indians, People of Mexico

The Argo gold Mine involved miners. It is located in Idaho Springs,Colorado
How Bents Fort Did Effect the Economy.
This place helped the economy by trading for
goods like pelts ,food and guns.
It also held a great amount of people
from Mexico and American
Indians which means they had
to pay money or trade for the
things they need to survive.
How the Argo Gold Mine Affected the Economy
This place produced gold
( One ounce of gold is worth 12,000
dollars). But when the gold rush started
this gold was worth $200 a years worth of pay.
Government Involved in Bents Fort
The government was a big
part of this fort it made
it a monument in Colorado
by the government in 1960.
Similarities and Differences
First, there similar because they are both located in Colorado. And they both produced good.

They are different because they have different landscape around them.
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