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Deducing the Popularity of Sherlock Holmes

No description

Mariel Carter

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Deducing the Popularity of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle
Sidney Paget
Mariel Paces Carter
Deducing the Popularity of Sherlock Holmes

Wrote the original Sherlock Holmes Stories in 1887
Based his renowned character on his Professor at the University of Edinburgh
Did not like Sherlock Holmes's popularity, and killed him off in a story because of this
Sidney Paget drew the first visual representation of Holmes, they were published alongside the stories in the Strand Magazine
William Gillette
Was the first actor to play Holmes
Starred in the play
Sherlock Holmes
in 1900, and a number of other Sherlock inspired plays afterward
Why Has Sherlock Holmes Survived Over 100 Years Since His Original Publication?
He was a very eccentric character
People were struck by his inhuman intelligence, but also by his human-like flaws and issues
The stories emphasized Britain's superiority by showing how scientific, intelligent, and orderly the citizens were
He was using very modern means of deduction in the 19th century
It was easy to read his stories
A Whirlwind of Silent Sherlock Movies
Featuring actors John Barrymore and Ellie Norwood
The First Sherlock Movie:
Sherlock Holmes Baffled
1900 (Silent and Black & White)
Late 1800s:
Movies arrive!
This new technology provides a whole new medium for Sherlock Holmes adaptations
Ellie Norwood was a favorite of Arthur Conan Doyle
John Barrymore played a very
romantic Sherlock Holmes
Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes
Basil Rathbone made his Sherlock Holmes movies during World War II
He conveyed Holmes as a British gentleman and war hero
Though this Holmes was very different than the original, they restored some feelings of Britain's pride and preeminence during the war effort
Now with sound!
More Sherlock!
The first Sherlock Holmes radio shows and television programs come!

Jeremy Brett was by far the
most faithful to the original

Peter Cushing fit the physical descriptions of the originals the best
Brand New Holmes:
Robert Downey Jr.
First gritty, thuggish, action hero Holmes
Was the first actor to accentuate what Conan Doyle was initially trying to create: an addicted, crazy genius who was always two steps ahead of everyone else

Set in present-day London and modernized to fit
BBC's Modern Masterpiece
Benedict Cumberbatch brings back the original quirks in Arthur Conan Doyle's stories.
This Sherlock is as unaware of people's emotions and how "normal" people function as the original.
Sherlock Holmes has endured nearly 150 years, surviving new technology, societies, and people.
It's Elementary!
People fell in love Sherlock Holmes because they could relate to his common problems, but could also laugh at his strange ones.
Readers and viewers loved his eccentric mind and quirks, and have continued to through today.
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