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CTCH 626


bo liu

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of CTCH 626

Project Report for Evaluation of ELI Student Services Elissa Shultz & Bo Liu CTCH 626 Assessment in Higher Education 28th April,2010 Background of Project ELI at GMU How to develop a good survey? Students at ELI Student Service at ELI Fall 2008 - Total enrollment - 184 Fall 2009 - Total enrollment - 195 Full-time - 130/Part-time - 54 Full-time - 139/Part-time - 56 Project Statement ELI Student Services currently uses a survey method that includes student leaders and focus groups to evaluate the benefits of ELI Student Services to their students. Methodology Findings Current Issues Limitations and Biases Discussion Recommendations Conclusion L D R Snowy Time Meowww... Reflections 1861 26 Provide quality instruction in English as a Second Language that will develop the language and academic skills, as well as the cultural awareness needed for the academic, personal and / or professional purposes of students. Weeks Weeks 58% Asia 9% Southeast Asia 20% Middle East 7% South America 2% Europe 4% Others Customer Service Orientation F-1 Visa Advising service Language Development Center Social Exchange Theory Non-booklet format law of proximity law of similarity simplicity – regularity – symmetry Cover – purpose is to attract and motivate your respondent Back Cover purpose benefits to inform participants Publish a fact sheet Special publication Bulletin Consider how comfortable your participants are with the survey format? Multiple Choice Rankings Rating Scales Open ended questions Some keys to writing good questions Questions should be short Each item should only ask one questionnaire Make questions easy to understand Avoid ambiguous vocabulary How is assessment through surveys given to current students beneficial? FORMATTING Simple symmetrical figures A Cover Letter for a Survey After completion and evaluation of the survey Some types of Questions found in surveys Time constraint Interviews Lack of knowledge Contructivist perspective Does not assess change based on the former survey Error Margin for the result in percentages Learning Outcomes Class Schedule M / W / F 10:30-12:20 PM
1:30- 3:20 PM T / Th 8:50-10:20 AM
2:50- 4:20 PM Lack response to open-ended questions Inconsistency response Discrepancy in data record Handout time E R ER R ER Develop a cover letter for the survey Effective Communication through focus groups Further study on the questionnaires Fixed at least one problem Challenge students to access those services and further develop the language and academic skills for furture study. E RE new I-20 form when students need for travelling a transfer letter for transition There is also a student assistant in the office to help students. setting of George Mason University and ELI kinds of the service and resource at ELI and Mason relevant information about U. S. Visa help students in relevant F-1 visa issues locates at West Building computers and a printer English learning software, books and videos free print service (5 pages / day) Global Experience Project ELI Workshops Academic Advising ELI Fieldtrips Advanced Grammar Workshops Pronunciation Workshops “In the news” Discussion Workshops assist students with their Mason applications help students in writing, reading, speaking, research skills help them with the process gather recommendations from their instructors opportunities for students to practice English outside of the classroom Washington D.C Baltimore one hour a week American students at Mason. Any topic break time on Tuesday and Thursday are too long more opportunities to speak with native speakers the opening hours and non-functioning computers in LDC more TOEFL workshop and ELI writing lab many students do not know the workshops and other services ELI ORIENTATION SERVICE other services at ELI 10% of the students used or knew more than 3 items of services at ELI 28% used or knew 3 items of services at ELI 63% of the students used or knew only two items of services at ELI The information gap Mission 20 hours / week-fulltime student 15 10 igh-beginner ow-intermediate ntermediate igh-intermediate dvanced H L I H A Meadow Lark Gardens Trip TCP T 1:00 to 1:50 PM M / W / F 10:30-12:20 PM
1:30- 3:20 PM T / Th 8:50-10:20 AM
2:50- 4:20 PM TH 1:00 to 1:50 PM T 6:00 to 6:50 PM In this theoretical frame, it is believed that “meaning is not discovered, but constructed” (Crotty, 1998, p.9) the first semester at ELI did not use or did not know the ELI ORIENTATION SERVICE sjll
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