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Annie DiGiammo

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Puritanism

The Puritan Way of Life
Annie DiGiammo, Tatum Nanfelt, and Hannah Friedman
Views on Humans
1. The Puritans believed that people are essentlially good.

False. The Puritans viewed humankind as being evil and really emphasized original sin.
The Fear of Hell
2. The Puritans believed that they alone were saved and everyone else would go to hell.
Tolerance of Religion
3. Having come to the New World because of religious persecution, the Puritans advocated a policy of tolerating eligious diferences.
Tolerance of Religion
False. The Puritans wanted to practice their OWN religion freely. They feared that God was on a mission and believed that if they failed to create a holy nation on earth, He would condemn them. They did not leave England just to establish a state where people are free to practice whatever religion they want.
Government's affect on Morality
4. The Puritans believed that the civil government was responsible for enforcing people's morality.

True. The Puritans believed that the civil government should strictly enforce public morality by prohibiting "wicked" behavior such as drinking, gambling, dressing extravagantly, swearing, and not keeping the Sabbath day.
Musical Worship
Puritan worship was characterized by organ music and congregational singing.
Musical Worship
true,music became important for psalms. In the 1700's the singing was loud,slow,and plain. In the 18th century sacred and secular music was used in England. New England used congregational hym singing and used instruments. Small country churches used drums,and chuch basses. Larger churches used organs because they were more money.
Beliefs of God and Heaven
6. Puritans believed in a loving God who welcomed into heaven everyone led a good life

True,puritans believed that god's grace and love is freely given,didn't have to work to get into heaven just had to live the life of saints. This is called irresistable grace. God's love couldn't be earned or resisted.
Money and Possesions
7. Puritans placed little value on money and possesions.

False,money became more important than values,it was a social necessity. This was shown in some of the clothes they wore. Some clothes were more fancy then others. An example of this was the types of wigs that they wore.
8. The Puritans were opposed to any education that didnt have a practical purpose.
True, education was not as important as religion. School was provided for children to learn to read the bible.
Puritan Women
9. Puritan women enjoyed complete equality men.

Puritan Women
This statement is false because Puritan women, although wanted complete equality with men, did not get the same treatment. Puritan women were restricted from the many rights the men received such as voting, preaching the Word of God, owning land and property, and they lacked education rights.
Working Habits
10. Puritans placed a high value on work.

"Puritan work ethic"
Working Habits

This statement is true because Puritans believed that all conditions and events were messages from God. Because of this, they viewed poverty to be a sign of sin and worked extremely hard to avoid it.
11. Puritans enjoyed exploring the wilderness.
This statement is false because the Puritans feared the wilderness. Since the Puritans came from parts of England that was open instead of forested, they did not know how to deal with wild animals or Native Americans, who inhabited the land many years before them. The wilderness also caused spiritual fears for the Puritans.
12. The Puritans tried people for witchcraft and executed those who were found guilty.
This statement is true because during the year of 1692-1693 the Puritans in Salem Massachusetts convicted people of witchcraft. This epidemic lasted only for a year, but also caused 19 deaths of innocent people who they thought were witches and were executed for the crime. This was a dark period of time for Puritans.
The Fear of Hell
False. The Puritans believed that God, in his infinite mercy, has chosen to save a few people. Because He knows everything, he knows who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell. Unlike God, however, a person does not know if he or she is saved, so they're always examining their lives.
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