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Too Far Ahead of the Curve

IT 343 Project

James Nunez

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Too Far Ahead of the Curve

Facilities running different information systems

Max is under pressure to standardize
Meltdown at Wallis Memorial Hospital
Max finally realizes that a change must occur

2 options:
Monolithic System
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

How should Peachtree try to fix its IT infrastructure problem?

The Importance of Standardizing Peachtree's Healthcare Information System
Improved information flow
Organizational flexibility

Message Transformation
Data translation 

Data confidentiality and integrity

The Importance Of Standardizing Peachtree's Healthcare Information System
Complex Event Processing
Simplification of software structure
Ability to adapt quickly to different external environments

Improved reliability
Ability to scale operations to meet different demand levels

Too much energy wasted on maintenance of the current individual systems
This is preventing innovation

Functionally different aspects are not architecturally separate components, but are all interwoven

Standardization of the entire IT infrastructure

Guaranteed to work without compatibility issues

Enormous price tag associated
Consistent info structure
Allows MDs to work together

Very expensive
$500 million +
Not flexible
Redesign acquired facilities
Curbs MD independence
SOA Implementation
Determine components of infrastructure
Figure out what services are higher priority

Organize older system applications
Use flow charts and lists for re-implementation of older system services
Service Oriented Architecture
Hung Duong
SOA Cons
Not mature

Really Risky

Hasn't been tested yet


When will the system be ready?

May be more costly to implement?

SOA’s benefits outweigh the monolithic approach

Standardization isn’t a practical method
The risks grant greater rewards
Less cost to maintain system
Modules could be reprogrammed efficiently

Peachtree Healthcare's IT infrastructure needs to be fixed

A modular approach can provide a solution as well prepare Peachtree for the future

SOA will allow the flexibility needed in the medical practice

Although at the time SOA was unprecedented, steps can be taken to mitigate the risk

IT343 Too Far Ahead of The IT Curve
How should Peachtree try to fix its IT infrastructure problem?
Technical Challenges
IT infrastructure is outdated and unreliable

Attempted to avoid overall IT issue until system meltdown

CEO favors selective standardization
Team Members
Kushboo Savani
Shaun Nasiri
Jeffrey Lee
James Nunez
Mohamed B.
Hung Duong
Mohammed Promi
John Fulbright

Latest technology

Built out of reusable programming code

Modules could be reconfigured

Diminishing future cost

Give user a lot of agility
SOA Pros
SOA Implementation
Redevelopment of services from existing code

Modernize legacy applications

Allows for enforcement of standards

Reuse of existing systems

Develop interfaces for services

Low risk/quick ROI method for implementing SOA on an existing system
Khushboo Savani
Rehab Facilities
Trauma Centers
Nursing Homes
Physician Practices
Peachtree Healthcare
CEO: Max Berndt
CIO: Candace Markovich
Actions that could have avoided the situation
Having done prior research

Not ignoring the situation

Better communication with the facilities

Being decisive

More IT knowledge behind the decision
James Nunez
Shaun Nasiri
Shaun Nasiri
Shaun Nasiri
Jeffrey Lee
Mohamed B.
Mohamed B.
Mohammed Promi
John Fulbright
Shaun Nasiri
-Max Berndt
Jeffrey Lee
Leadership Challenges
“You can standardize the testing of ball bearings for manufacturing defects, but as far as I know, you can’t—at least not yet—standardize the protocol for treating colon cancer.”

Personal view as physician prevent him from making decision

Institutions have unique doctor-oriented systems
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