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Riley Meve

on 13 March 2014

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A presentation
Riley Meve

The setting is in present day Ketterman, West Virginia
Jennifer L. Armentrout is a New York and USA Today Bestselling author. She lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia with her husband and dogs. As a teen she dreamed of becoming a author while writing short stories. She specializes in writing paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. Armentrout also writes for adults under the name J. Lynn. Her book Obsidian is also being made into a film.
Daemon Black Character Analysis
Daemon has intense emerald green eyes and a mysterious aura. It is hard to tell what he is thinking or about to do. But everyone knows he will do anything to save Dee and the Luxens.
As we are introduced to Daemon we notice that he will be trouble from the get go. He does not care for humans and views them as a weakness. His main priority is keeping Dee away from any danger, even if that meant being rude to every person in sight. Most of the time he is grumpy and dislikes any company.
Throughout the story we see change within Daemon. He becomes more open to the idea of hanging out with humans, partly because of his feelings for Katy. After Katy saved his life he can tell that not all humans are weak. We also start to see a new side to him. The side that uses love instead of rudeness to protect his family and friends.
Dee Black - the brother of Daemon and Katy's best friend. Everyone would explain her as super bubbly and beautiful. Surprisingly after losing her other brother, Dawson, because of a human she still decides to befriend Katy. She and Daemon are as close as can be because they lost there parents at young age and are all each other have.
Katy Swartz - the hard headed protagonist with a sarcastic attitude. She has a passion for books and even has a blog. About three years ago her father tragically died of cancer, and to make it worse she was very close to him. She recently moved to West Virginia making her the new girl at Petersburg High School. Nothing gets passed her which is why she easily noticed something is up with her neighbors.
Daemon Black - Katy's infuriating neighbor who turns out to be an alien. He has two sides to him. One is the complete jerk and the other is the loving brother and friend who does anything to protect you. Everyone at school does not dare to hangout with him or his family and friends because they are the mysterious outcasts. Him and Katy have feelings each other, but a human and an alien are forbidden.
Exposition: Katy Swartz just moved to West Virginia from sunny Tampa Florida. She doesn't like it there especially because her neighbor is a total jerk. But quickly she meets Dee Black, and they instantly become best friends. The cost of becoming friends with Dee is she has to hang out with her brother Daemon. All Katy and Daemon do is fight, but there is an attraction between them.

Rising Action: Katy starts to see things that prove something is unusual about the Black family. They can move very fast and silent, their bodies occasionally fade in and out, and they can hold their breath for ten minutes. Outside the library Katy is attacked by someone who can do all the same things as Dee and Daemon. When Daemon and Katy go out for a walk all of the Black family secrets are revealed. A truck was about to hit Katy, but Daemon stopped it. How? He is an alien and so is his sister. They call themselves, the Luxen. Daemon tells her everything, but he has to keep a close eye on her because his powers left a trace on her making her glow. This glow attracts the Luxen's enemies, the Arum. It turns out that when Katy was attacked it was an Arum. Daemon got all of the Arum except one that escaped, Baruck. Also Katy killed one of them to save Daemon's life. All the Luxen knew Baruck would come back for revenge.

Climax: Daemon, Adam, and Andrew are on patrol looking around town for Baruck. They see him going towards where Katy and Dee are. Katy sacrifices herself and leads the Arum to a cornfield. She trys to fight back, but she is no match for Baruck. Luckily Daemon and Dee show up. Except at night time their powers are weaker and they get hurt. Somehow Daemon's last powers transfer into Katy and they defeat Baruck.

Falling Action: Katy is gravely hurt and it seems like there is nothing the Luxen can do. Daemon sends Dee back home and he tries to heal Katy. This method is called Bonding, but he has never used this method to this extreme. Now they both have the same heartbeat. All the other Luxen have no clue about what Daemon did.

Resolution: In all of West Virginia there are no more Arum, and the Luxen are safe for now. Daemon finally confessed his feeling to Katy. The only problem is that Katy only thinks he wants to be with her because of the bond.
I would recommend this book because it is interesting take on action, drama, and romance. People who like paranormal teen or sci-fi romance would greatly enjoy this book. The author does a great job with explicit details making you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for more.
Thanks to : jenniferarmentrout.com for the information and luxenarmy.net, prettydesigns.org, and wvcounseling.org for the photos.

Secondary Characters:
Baruck - the antagonist trying to capture all the Luxen and the people who know about them. You would describe him as sly and uncanny.
Simon - a jock interested in Katie. Does not know the difference between right and wrong in some situations.
Ash - a close friend to the Black family and Daemon's ex-girlfriend. She gets very jealous of Katie because she used to be closer to Dee and Daemon before she came.
Adam - one of the brothers of Ash. He is the more rude brother who has a hatred for humans.
Andrew - the other brother of Ash and Adam. He is cool, calm, and collected and does not mind humans as much as Ash and Adam.
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