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Reinventing your Professional Life

SHR presentation #1

Juana Plata

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Reinventing your Professional Life

Why you Need to Hire Workers Ages 65+ Reinventing your Professional
Workforce Median Pay: $63,500 Non-Profit Executive Median Pay: $41,800 Patient Representative Median Pay $ 66,800 Financial Adviser Median Pay $40,200 College Professor Median Pay: $100,700 Labor Relations
Manager So...what do these jobs have in common? They ALL require
workers!! Here are some sample job ads that might help you
find the correct candidate! "Position available for Human Resources experienced and knowledgeable individual for our Labor Relationship Management department.
Candidate must be able to design, plan and implement our company's labor relations program, including policies and procedures. Position duties include the establishment and maintaining of labor-management relations, interpretation of collective bargaining agreements and administration grievance procedures including arbitration.
People skills are a must. 401K, Full Health Benefits available. Great compensation!!!
Candidates must submit resume with expected salary via e-mail at LRMC@hoo.com, Re: LRMC Job, Attn: Human Resources Department.
No Phone calls or Faxes please. EEO." Great opportunity for individuals looking for professional career change or continuation in Executive position!
Renowned Non-Profit organization seeks an experienced financial and management professional for its Executive Director position. Previous non-profit experience is not required. Excellent managerial, administrative, fundraiser and program development skills are a must.
Flexible schedule. Great benefits and compensation package.
Please submit your resume via fax at 888-909-9098. No calls please. EEO." Why is this job attractive for
Baby Boomers Candidates? Because ...
It has good compensation.
Relative good job growth.
Flexible schedule.
Training can be easily obtained by special courses and classes.
Plus... people making financial decisions tend to listen better to older financial planners than to young ones.
Experience on this is crucial and valuable. And why is this one attractive to Baby Boomers looking for a job? Because...
They can still earn an income, while serving to others.
Has great schedule flexibility.
Skills learned in Corporate world apply to non-profit organizations as well.
Working in a non-profit organizations is both prestigious and passionate.
Can become extremely profitable. Times may be hard, but finding a job that fits experienced mature workers doesn't have to.
Here are the Top 5 opportunities for Baby Boomers to continue their professional life. Now, lets see how to recruit your new workforce... Older workers are becoming more internet savvy out of necessity, therefore the internet would really be the best starting point for recruitment :

- Advertise job openings on senior job sites such as

- Follow equal opportunity guidelines and advertise yourself as an equal opportunity employer.

- Clearly list the skills required for the job and the job’s responsibilities.

- Ensure that older worker have access to the same training opportunities.

- Taylor retirement benefits to better suit older workers.

- Offer flexible working hours in full time positions and offer part time positions as well. Adding older workers to your company
will bring lots of benefits. Let's take a
look at some of them... 1. Dedicated workers produce higher quality work, which can result in a significant cost savings for you. Stories abound of highly committed older workers finding others' potentially costly mistakes regarding everything from misspelling of client names to pricing errors and accounting mistakes.

2. Punctuality seems to be a given for older workers. Most of them look forward to going to work each day, so they're likely to arrive on time and be ready to work.

3. Honesty is common among older workers, whose values as a group include personal integrity and a devotion to the truth. 4. Detail-oriented, focused and attentive workers add an intangible value that rubs off on all employees and can save your business thousands of dollars. One business owner I know once told me that one of his older workers saved his company more than $50,000 on one large mailing job. The 75-year-old clerical worker recognized that all the ZIP codes were off by one digit. Neither the owner's mailing house nor his degreed and highly paid marketing manager had noticed it.

5. Good listeners make great employees because they're easier to train--older employees only have to be told once what to do.

6. Pride in a job well done has become an increasingly rare commodity among younger employees. Younger workers want to put in their time at work and leave, while older employees are more willingly to stay later to get a job done because of their sense of pride in the final product. 7. Organizational skills among older workers mean employers who hire them are less likely to be a part of this startling statistic: More than a million man hours are lost each year simply due to workplace disorganization.

8. Efficiency and the confidence to share their recommendations and ideas make older workers ideal employees. Their years of experience in the workplace give them a superior understanding of how jobs can be done more efficiently, which saves companies money. Their confidence, built up through the years, means they won't hesitate to share their ideas with management.

9. Maturity comes from years of life and work experience and makes for workers who get less "rattled" when problems occur.
Strategic Human Resources Management
MGT 4170-02 Fall 2012
Dr. J Greene 10. Setting an example for other employees is an intangible value many business owners appreciate. Older workers make excellent mentors and role models, which makes training other employees less difficult.

11. Communication skills--knowing when and how to communicate--evolve through years of experience. Older workers understand workplace politics and know how to diplomatically convey their ideas to the boss.

12. Reduced labor costs are a huge benefit when hiring older workers. Most already have insurance plans from prior employers or have an additional source of income and are willing to take a little less to get the job they want. They understand that working for a company can be about much more than just collecting a paycheck. Sources:


http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/167500 So...What Are You Waiting For?

Reinvent your Workforce! Team # 7
Kari Given, Elizabeth Hardcastle, Michelle McCleskey, Juana Plata, Renee Rodriguez
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