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Emancipation of Minors

No description

Courtney Maxwell

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Emancipation of Minors

Emancipation of Minors
Emancipation is the last and final step, there are other options if a minor doesn't like their environment.
They can get counseling for themselves
Help from the government
Help from Child Services
Also live on their own or with another family member if the parent approves.
Pros and Cons to Emancipation
Good things:
They can get their own place
buy medicare
get their driver's license
do things without consent from parents
Bad things:
can't buy credit cards
can't quit school
can't vote
can't drink
can't collect public assistance
Common Cases
Celebrities and people who come from a bad household.
Celebrities tend to emancipate their parents for financial reasons as well as acting role reasons.
People from a bad household just want to get away from their parents because most likely they don't take care of them because they are addicted to something.
What is Emancipation of Minors?
Emancipation of minors is when a minor files to have adult responsibilities at an early age. They become physically and financially independent from their parents.
It usually begins at the age of 16, but in California the age is 14 and lasts till their 18th birthday. The day after their birthday is when it expires.
There are 3 ways you can get emancipation: by getting married, joining the army and by the court.
How to file for Emancipation
To prove that a minor can be emancipated, they have to show:
their own place to live, whether it be by sharing rent with a roommate or living with family
they have to prove that they are financially independent, meaning they have a job
`they need to be able to provide their own food, clothing and other needs or wants

They must also turn in the required papers
that the court needs.
Other options besides Emancipations
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