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Chinese Idioms & Proverbs Project

No description

Sam Hine

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Idioms & Proverbs Project

Idip Do Not Burn a House to Get Rid of a Mouse! Once Upon a Time... There was a very wealthy man in Hanshu who was an antique enthusiast.
Among his many antiques there
was a very rare vase of jade.
The vase was of exquisite worksmanship
and historical value, and the man
loved it dearly.
However, the man was careless. One night, he left a
piece of food in the vase. This fateful occurence came back to haunt him... ...Because the man was also prone to fits of rage!!! O

t The rich man noticed that a mouse had entered his precious vase, looking for the food within. The man was infuriated by the thought of dirty
vermin eating in his vase, so he threw a rock at
the mouse. Dude, I'm still in the vase The stone struck and killed the mouse,
however it smashed the vase beyond repair. The loss of the vase pained the man greatly, and he deeply
regretted his own thoughtlessness. He realized that anyone
who only thinks of the present without considering future
consequences is apt to bring consequences upon him or herself. From then on, the man warned people not to replicate his carelessness by warning them, "do not burn down your house to get rid of a mouse!" In real life, this idiom can apply
to a situation in which someone acts
carelessly in the present without regard
for future consequences. If a student
overreacts to getting called a bad name and
punches his antagonist in the face, he will get
suspended by the school for fighting. While
resorting to violence may have seemed like the
adequate response at the time, in the long
run it only causes trouble for the unfortunate
student. Mouse burns house with a fiery re-entry

By The Associated Press
FORT SUMNER, N.M. — A mouse got its revenge against a homeowner who tried to dispose of it in a pile of burning leaves; the blazing creature ran back to the man's house and set it on fire.

Luciano Mares, 81, of Fort Sumner, said he caught the mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it.

"I had some leaves burning outside, so I threw it in the fire, and the mouse was on fire and ran back at the house," Mares said from a motel room Saturday.

Village Fire Chief Juan Chavez said the burning mouse ran to a spot just beneath a window, and the flames spread up from there and throughout the house.

No one was hurt inside, but the home and everything in it were destroyed.

Unseasonably dry and windy conditions have led to fires that have charred more than 53,000 acres and destroyed 10 homes in southeastern New Mexico in recent weeks.

"I've seen numerous house fires," Fire Capt. Jim Lyssy said, "but nothing as unique as this one."

Noel, and Kevin. "Do Not Burn Your House To Get Rid of A Mouse." Chinese Idiom Stories. Noel & Kevin. Web. 21 Apr. 2010. <http://www.cherriyuen.com/Idioms.php?idiom=203&keyword=&>.







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