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Problem solving together

No description

Jeannette Gubb

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of Problem solving together

My Inquiry Question
what do the kids think?
including another
Year 4/5 Class (Terms 3 and 4)
what the teachers say..
The lovely ladies that allowed me into their classrooms!
Team Teaching
Year 5/6 class...why?
Problem solving together
Jeannette Gubb
MST 2 2014
Berhampore School, Wellington

Our school
Decile 4
Montessori and Conventional School
226 Students

60% ELL Learners
10% Complex and High Needs

21 Ethnicities (including Somali, Indian,
Iraqi, Filipino, Chinese, etc.)

8% Maori
8% Pasifika
Students from both classes were asked...
What does problem solving look like in class?
What do you like about it?
What do we do after problem solving in class? (MST students only)
Year 5 MST Student
Year 6 MST student
year 5 Mst student
year 5 mst student
year 6
year 5 (mst 2013)
year 6
year 4/5 teacher
year 5/6 teacher / MST trained Teacher
How can I better support or track the MST students when they go back to class, or come off the programme?
MST 1 2013
Withdrawal groups
Grouped across classes to create small groups (similar or complementary needs).
Real-life context
School based problems (shared experience and learning across cultures)
Combined Number and Strand as much as possible.
Problem Solving
But what about after they leave the group?
Challenges that I experience with transitioning back to class: TIME
Lack of time to observe students or teachers in their own class.
To communicate current learning in class or in MST group.
A large portion of the class were ex MST students.
Many needed to be picked up.
Opportunity to combine efforts with another MST Teacher (Nicki).
I went into their class rather than taking them all out.
Whole year
Setting it up
Co-created (with students) expectations for maths behaviour and participation.
Fostering a maths community within the class (breaking down barriers, encouraging risk taking, etc.)
Used Talk moves to facilitate maths understanding and discussion.
Maintaining it
High Expectations of whole class (MST students especially)
Being 'present'
Working together
Rich Tasks!
School based problems
Playground accident
Calculating costs of camp
Whole school learning about
dinosaurs and fossils.
Modelling whole class problem solving and actively involving ex and current MST students.
Co-created expectations (same as other class).
Timetable to make
it happen
4 groups (both intakes) seen 3 times a week.
45 minute whole class problem solving, then MST group continues with me.
Both of us able to support the class
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