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Max Schellenberg

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Tornadoes

How a Tornado forms

Natural Risks


Storm Chasers

each year about 1000 tornadoes in USA

especially in late spring in the Middle West of the USA

called "Tornado Alley" tornadoes are very likey to occur

e.g. in Oklahoma City the Moore Torando killed 24 people and injured 377 people in May 2013

tornado touched the ground for about 40 minutes

left a path of destructions, that was 27 kilometers long and about 2 kilometers wide

but why are there so many do these winds came such destruction?

first reason: you never know when a tornado form from a thunder storm --> people not enough to prepare

second reason: enormous power of the storms

inside the tornado funnel, there can be winds of more than 500 kilometers per hour

1. Tornado Damage

confront with a tornado, fast react
it depends where to find shelter
construction american houses often is not as massive as german houses
many houses without a basement
they provide less protection

2. Where to find Shelter?

In a house with basement
go to basement cover yourself
house without a basement:
got to lowest floor and a room without windows
crouch face down, cover yourself
in office buildings (e.g. schools, malls): go to a windowless center and cover yourself
in cars, mobile houses, trucks: get out!
Because they not provive protection
outside: lie face down protect your head with your arms

Natural Risks
Storm Chasers
How a Tornado forms/Characteristics
How a Tornado forms

warm moist air + cold dry air = atmosphere is out of balance
warm moist air (slow) at surface + cold dry air (fast) in the upper atmosphere create horizontal rotating colums of air
get they into the base of a thunderstorm they are turned into the vertical
there is a rotating updraft and the whole thunderstorm begins to rotate
rear flank downdraft helps to rotate the tornado funnel


vertical rotating storm
diameter: 20 - 100m sometimes up to 2km
speed: about 50 km/h
speed inside the funnel: up to 600 km/h
classification: Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF Scale) 0-5
length: only a few minutes
frequency: 800 - 1,000 per year in the USA

Thank you for your attention !

• crazy storm chasers, who needs a special kick

• offers this as a tourist trip

• it's impressive to see a torando from the near

• many years of experience

• they live for special pictures & videos

• they provide imortant information (formation & distribution of the destructive storms)

• tornadoes aren't limited to the "Tornado Alley" but threaten the whole East of the USA:

This insight is owed to the tornado chasers!
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