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Their Eyes were watching god PP

No description

geraldine pando

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Their Eyes were watching god PP

By: Geraldine Pando
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Element Plot
Turning Point
Tea Cake
Tea cake is a dynamic character. Tea Cakes real name is Vergible Wood. He is a free-spirited person. He is in his 20's, and is atleast fifteen years younger than Janie. Tea Cake doesn't have family and not alot of history. He is the first man to value and really love Janie as a real person. He works and plays hard. Tea Cake's view of living involves taking things as they come and gaining as much pleasure from life as possible.
Janie- is an dynamic character
Janie is a black,beautiful woman with straight hair, which comes from her mixed family, she is a woman but challenges gender stereotypes by showing her independence and wearing overalls. Behind her challenges are a curiosity and confidence that drive her to experience the world and become aware of her relation to it. Part of Janie’s maturity rests in her ability to realize that others’ inhumanity toward her or their inability to understand her beginning not from spite but from their education or limited perspective.
Joe Stark
Dynamic character: Joe Starks, is a very hard working man. During the story he becomes the owner of Eatonville. Joe has a high expectations of what he thinks people should amount to, especially Janie. He is a big man with big ideas. He is stubborn, judgmental, and demeaning. He turns suspicious of Janie, and dies without ever coming to grasps with their failed relationship.
Hurricane symbolizes that now they are helpless and the only thing to do is turn to god. It also represents gods power and how damaging the world can be.
The Lamp symbolizes a better life, now the town has a visual of what they want to do with the town and how to make it bigger.
Janie's hair
Janie's hair represents beauty and power. It also represents where she holds her identity. Janie's hair is her biggest possession and when she had it up she felt incomplete.
In the begging Janie comes back to Eatonville and everyone in the town was judging her because it is mysterious that shes been gone for a long time. Janie sees her friend Pheoby and explains that she has returned alone because Tea Cake is gone but not for the reasons that the people in the town thinks. She has returned from living with Tea Cake in the Everglades, she explains that she cant be there anymore cause everything reminds her of tea cake.
Rising action
When Jody died Janie felt free and her independence made her happy, and she had no interest to be with a men. When Janie took the rag of she felt like she was freeing her imprisoned hair, but then realizes that she must appear to be sad.
Pheoby about janie "Still and all, she’s her own woman. She oughta know by now whut she wants tuh do."
quote 1
Meaning: phoeby sees that jaine is a woman now and she sees that independence in Janie and therefore gives her good friend the title of being "her own woman."
quote 2
Nanny: "So de white man throw down de load and tell de nigger man tuh pick it up. He pick it up because he have to, but he don’t tote it. He hand it to his womenfolks. De nigger woman is de mule ud de world so fur as Ah can see."
meaning: grandma is saying that black women get the worst in life. While white men are highest in the placing and look down on black men, the black men turn to their womens shoulders. Everyone treats black women like animals.

quote 3
Mrs. Turner: "You got mo’ nerve than me. Ah jus’ couldn’t see mahself married to no black man. It’s too many black folks already. We oughta lighten up de race." (16.10)

Meaning: mrs. turner thinks that black people should start looking for another race because she thinks that their is too many black people.
Janie tells pheoby that she has returned alone because Tea Cake is gone but not cause of the reason that people in the neighborhood think. Janie has returned from living a good life with tea cake in the Everglades, she tells everyone that since tea cake isn't there she can no longer be happy there. Pheoby does’t understand what she means, so Janie begins to tell her story.

Afterward nanny tells janie her life story. Nanny says that she was born into slavery and that She was raped by her master and, after a while after she had a daughter , her master went to fight in the Civil War. The master’s wife was so angry to see that nannys daugher had gray eyes and light hair and so it was obviously her husband’s daughter. She planned to have Nanny whipped and to sell her daughter, Nanny ran away with her baby and the two hid in the swamps until the war was over.

Janie’s first husband(Logan kilicks) was an arranged marrige by nanny because she values financial security and honestly over love. Logan babys Janie for a year before he tries to make her help him with the farming work. jaine feels unloved so she leaves him for Jody Starks.
Logan: “Ah thought you would ‘preciate good treatment. Thought Ah’d take and make something’ outa yuh. You think youse white folks by de way you act.

Logan thinks that black people are incapable to demand any respect or act for good treatment and just be
happy as her husband’s workhorse if she wants anything better. Logan thinks that Janie is an air head.

"Considerin' youse born in a carriage thout otop to it and yo mama and you bein' born and raised in de white folks back-yard'

Logan looks down on Janie for living with white people. He describes himself as being better than janie.
Falling Action
Janie’s decision to shoot Tea Cake shows that she has the strength to save herself even though it means killing the man she loves another reason is that janie didnt want tea cake to keep suffering.
I god, Janie, “Starks said impatiently ,” why don’t you go on and see whut mrs. Bogle want? Whut you waitin?

Janie wanted to hear the rest of the play-acting and how it finished. Seeing her made him disgusted. Joe saw it and changed his own views a bit.

Quote 4
Quote 5
Quote 6
Janie learns that she must go out and live her life and that people must find God for themselves. The novel ends with Janie coming to conditions with Tea Cake’s death. She thinks of Tea Cake, grateful that he gave her the chance to love and live fully.
Love and Relationships vs. independence

This is a story about how Janie wants to gain independence and then appreciated her independence. She feels enlightened by what she has done but she couldn't have done it alone. The gender roles in this story play a key role. Janie shows fulfilling relationships as a mature and respecting adult.

Turning Point #1
Power and Conquest as Means to Fulfillment
In the story janie wanted spiritual self-awareness. Jody wanted fulfillment through power and conquest. H is always trying to control his world. He is always controlling everyone. He always puts himself in situations that he can control.
Speech and silence
In the story Hurston's use of language controls how Janie's finds her way to her voice. The whole book characters are trying to find their voice.
Logan Killics

An important turning point in the story is when Janie gets married to Logan Killics because she thinks it will overcome loneliness but instead of overcoming it she felt forced into love. Janie wasn't attracted to him. She thought that he was to old for her. As time went by Killics made Janie feel like a child and made her do things that a wife shouldn't have to be doing. Now Janie knew that marriage didn't make love. Janie's dream was gone so now she has become a woman.
Turning Point #2
Joe Starks
After Mr. Killics, Janie meets Joe Starks. He was gentlemen to her and made her feel good. Janie and Joe fell in love and got married.He was nice to her and treated her with respect. Joe then became protective with Janie so he became jealous and really changed how he was with Janie.He made her wear a cap on her head so no guy would touch her hair. He was so jealous that he started hitting her.
Turning Point #3
After Mr. Starks died, Janie found freedom and Independence within herself. She experienced so much with Logan and Mr. Starks that she didn't want to be tired down to another man for awhile. The feeling she felt was fine, she started to notice guys would drool at he and she felt like slapping some of them for grinning at her. Everything just made her realize how important loving yourself is.
Tea Cakes
Turning Point #4
Janie was focusing on herself for awhile till she met Tea Cakes. Tea Cakes impressed her with his smarts and zest for living. Tea Cakes makes Janie feel like it is her first real love. Tea cake and Janie got married and didn't force her to be anything other than herself. He treated her with respect. Although one time he did beat her because he wanted to show the other man that Janie was his and Janie was okay with it.
Turning point #5
Janie kills Tea Cake
Even through a hurricane Janie and Tea Cakes love is real and unbreakable. Having to face a hurricane face on was a huge challenge but it was no match for her love for him. Sadly tea cakes was bitten from a rabid dog that changed all her views. She loved him but he is getting worse.Janie has to kill him so he is not in danger to himself or anyone else.
Figured Language
Personification: "The porch laughed". this is personification because a porch can not laugh but a person can so it makes it a personification.
The significance of the porch was to say that everyone was laughing at matt.
methaphor "its mine too, ah aint been sleepin' so good for more uh week cause ah been wishin so bad tuh git mah hands in yo hair. Its so pretty. It feels ju'lak underneath uh dove's wing nex to mah face."

She is comparing the dove's wing to the softness of her hair.
Biblical illusion: "it must be uh recess in heben if st. peter is lettin' his angels out lak dis. You got three men already layin at de point uh death 'bouy yuh, and heah's uhnother fool dat's willin tuh make time on yo' gang"

Johns is referencing angels from Heaven and the three wise men.
Historical illusion: 'jody dat wuz uh mighty fine thing tuh do. "tain't everybody would have thought of it, cause it aint no everyday thought freein dat mule makes uh mighty big man outa you. Something like george washington and lincoln. Abraham lincoln. Abraham lincoln, he had de whole united states tuh rule so he freed de negroes. You got uh town so you freed uh mule.
Symbolly: Janie saw her life like a great tree in leaves with the things suffrage, things enjoyed, things done and undone. Don and dun was in the branches

This means that Janie has had an eventful life. This shows that she is happy with her life and sees that she has had good and bad events.
Alliteration:"Words walking without masters, walking altogether like a harmony in a song."

When saying those words they meant that the characters can say whatever is on their mind and not to hold back.
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