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Brita for Africa

No description

Amanda Dible

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Brita for Africa

Brita is a German company that specializes in water filtration products which began in 1966
Brita products include water pitchers, water bottles, and faucet attachments
It uses silver-impregnated activated carbon as their primary filtering mechanism
The activated carbon in Brita filters is produced from coconut shells
Past Advertisements

Past Advertisements (ctnd)
Target Audience of Brita
* Brita as a company seems to prefer white suburbia as their target audience; using only few actors of other ethnic backgrounds. The commercial displays what seems like middle class america in traffic on the drive to their 9:00-5:00.
* More specifically they advertise towards parents (with their ads having all women/mothers pour water from the pitcher) showing other parents giving their family Brita filtered water.

Weapons of Influence of Past Campaign
Why do people say yes to Brita?
Ad Campaign
1. Social proof
2. Liking
1. Authority
2. Social Proof
Verbal/Nonverbal of Past Campaign

Ad campaign
Eye contact
informative communication
History of Brita
Brita for Africa
BRITA for Africa

Think Pure, Think Africa, Think Brita
1st Ad Campaign- Commercial
Weapons of Influence in Commerical
Verbal/Nonverbal Communication in Commercial
Weapons of Influence in Brochure
1st AD campaign- Commercial
Verbal/Nonverbal Communication in Brochure
Brochure is placed in every Brita water bottle being sold in U.S. With this brochure is a bracelet with out logo on it. When a person in the U.S purchases a Brita water bottle then the proceeds go to our campaign Brita for Africa. The bracelet represents that you have donated.
* Non-Verbal: Few pictures relating to water unfit for consumption, dirty containers; this gives you an idea of Africa’s water struggles which has plagued the majority of the continent. A couple more pictures show what we intend to achieve, our product, and the sheer joy when a needy child receives clean water. Also, our slogan and our logo.
* Verbal: The brochure provides facts, the final goal of
our advertising campaign, and also includes a
section on how YOU can help!

1. Social Proof
2. Liking
3. Authority

1. Social Proof
2. Liking
In accordance with our new campaign, we will be releasing a commercial. The purpose of this campaign is to inform the general public of our volunteer corps stationed in Sub-Saharan Africa. Opera Winfrey has made major contributions to our volunteer corps to provide purified water to the African people.
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