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Office Aide


Lauren Slattery

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Office Aide

So, you're an office aide! There are many people who may need you Grades First! So.... Wondering what your duties are? Look no further. Things to be Aware of: You can still get steps, referrals, d-hall, ISS and re-location.
You still can get tardies.
You can still fail a class.
You can still get dress code.
You don’t acquire immunity overnight.
There isn’t some magic potion that you’re given that helps you evade getting in trouble. During this period you: Deliver passes
Make copies
Empty the recycling
Deliver papers
Help with “Student of the Week”
Alphabetize/organize scan-trons
Deliver scan-trons
Seal letters
and many more odds and ends First of all: Being an office aide has special privileges. If you’re not an A-B student or better, it’s hard to be an efficient office aide. If you’re missing assignments, it's hard to do both. You have to be caught up on your work a lot of the time and it’s hard to balance the two. Ms. Neinast – attendance
Ms. Hatley – Front Desk
Ms. Padalecki – by Mr. Morgan
The Counseling Office
The Library
Ms. Andreolli
Mr. Morgan
Ms. Steen
Ms. Pinkham
Ms. Lopez Sometimes you'll be asked to help with things like testing, surveys, delivering mass amounts of passes, or even putting a presentation on for other students. If the VP’s know you’re falling behind on school work, they will not ask you to do other things for them. Keeping all you've learned in mind,
here's to a lovely year as a Heritage office aide!
Keep on top of things
and let everyone know that they can trust you. By: Lauren Slattery Office Aide Rules During office aide you have some time to get ahead on assignments or do your homework. When you're not doing favors, it’s beneficial to be able to spend even 5 minutes on your vocab or finish up your math homework. Fortunately All of these things can still happen to you, and you may be penalized even harder because you're an office aide. They expect you to know the rules, and when broken, could result in greater consequences for you, or in extreme cases, a removal from this period.
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