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my book report on "the cay"

my first prezi

Drake Langshaw

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of my book report on "the cay"

my book report on the cay by Theodore Taylor realistic fiction the setting mostly takes place on a small island in the middle of the ocean that is surrounded by devil's mouth, a treacherous,hard to navigate coral reef. characters include... Timothy,Phillip,and Stew cat Phillip is... A young boy about 11, or 12,who is stubborn but also very smart and later becomes blind. Phillip is laying in bed thinking of recent events (the germans attacking the island he lives on) then when he wakes up he goes outside and plays with his friend. the story starts with... Phillip and his mother are going to leave the island on the SS Hato so they don't get hurt, and when they get on three days later the ship gets attacked by a german u-boat and as they are fleeing he get hit on the head and is knocked unconcious.Later he wakes up on a makeshift raft with a large black man named timothy in the middle of the ocean.They run aground on a small island and have many adventures including Phillip becoming blind. a summary of the story... the story ends with... Timothy dying in a tempest, and Phillip getting rescued by a large boat and which he gets unblind I learned that... sometimes it takes not seeing to truly see I liked... how timothy talked (here's example) "tis a veree smahl islan" which means its a very small island... I didn't like when... timothy died.WHY TIMOTHY WHY!!!!!!!!! I would recommended this book because... it's a great story of survival and learning to see without eyes setting
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