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The Roaring 20's

A short recap of an exciting decade

Jide Oluyedun

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Roaring 20's

Pop Culture Economy History Sports
George Herman Ruth better known as Babe Ruth was a very famous baseball player who broke the home run record in 1927 and held it for over thirty years
A young teenager named Ralph Samuelson invented waterskiing in 1922. This Minnesota native used pinewood borads with curved tips and a one hundred foot rope
Kids were beginning to play school sports like golf and others
football was aslo becoming popular around this time Art
The Harlem Renaissance has just begun and African American art, music and literature are bringing new ideas to the US
Architure began to change and this change was pushed by politicians primarily towards building homes. During this time period is when you see the changeover from 19th century style housing to the type of homes we have today. This was so that heating and plumbing would be easier and also mordern living
There was one very famous sculpture, Daniel Chester French's Lincoln Memorial statue that began in 1922
The Jazz age
Jazz was played in roadhouses and dance halls throughout the country. Jazz made it's way onto the mainstream
Radio and phonograph records were being bought constantly by americans which helped spread the music to places bands could not reach. many talented music artists began to emerage in cluding Luis Armstrong

The number one movie from the 1920's was Metrapolis directed by Fritz Lang and was in black and white
Broadway was in it's prime during the 1920's
There were more than 50 new musicals opening in a sinlge season
There were two presidents during the bulk of the 1920's including Warren G Harding from 1921 to 1923 and Calvin Coolidge from 1923 to 1929
This period between the two world wars experienced world wide tention and also saw the rise of mass movements including communism, national socialism and fascisim Prohibition
This was the 18th Amendment to the US constitution going into effect. This banned the selling, making and possession of alcohlic beverages. This law was made in an effort to make people behave better and possibly make church going more common. This law was the most disregarded and defied in history that was not repealed till the 1930's . Prices
Just about any grocery item you can imagen only cost a few cents to purchase
In 1921 a luxury car such as the Lincoln Continental cost 3,940 dollars in comparison to a car of the same class in 2007 costing 42,000 dollars, nearly ten times as much
In the same year a single family home cost 4000 dollars making it thirty times less than that same house today which would cost 120,000 dollars Inventions
There are three major inventions I would have throughly enjoyed from this time period
A car with combustion engine that was made by Henry Ford would provide transportaion
Radios would allow me to listen to news and music
Hair Dryers would help me with all of the different types of hairstyles I would try out

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