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3D Printing

No description


on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of 3D Printing

Xavia, Emma, Sammi, Megan, Hiral & Zobiya 3D Printing - Risks, Opportunities & Consumer Attitudes What is 3D Printing? - Also known as additive printing or manufacturing. - Model design is created and input into CAD computer software.
- The design is sent to the 3D printer. The 3D printer runs automatically, depositing materials at layers ~.003 thick. This is roughly the thickness of a human hair or sheet of paper. The time it takes to print a given object depends primarily on the height of the design, but most designs take a minimum of several hours. The ZCorp printers are unique in that they can print in full color. Uclan 3D Printing Facilities Potential Risks of 3D Printing Gun control debate - making gun parts has become easier and can be made more discreetly by individuals who have not many skills. This will have a direct threat to humans. Think about criminals they can already access guns over websites etc but what about enthusiastic children and hobbyists who can accidentally harm themselves.

Counterfeit money can potentially harm the economy Opportunities for 3D Printing - The opportunity for individuals being able to purchase a 3D printer has grown and the potential to result for them to eventually being able to produce what they want at home or in an office.

- Most 3D printers run on plastic and as a result companies can recycle old plastic, that they are not in need of, which then can be used make more 3D objects. Consumer Attitudes to Purchasing We don't like change, often takes a while for us to get used to new ways of doing things. Can cause uncertainty for those who are not familiar with 3D manufacturing. - Global opportunities. The Process of 3D Printing References Flaherty, J. (2009) '3D Printing Step-by-Step'. Available at: http://replicatorinc.com/blog/2009/01/3d-printing-step-by-step/ Accessed 22 February 2013. - Different materials are now available to print with - depends on what you are making as to which material you choose to use. Varying durability and detail of products. High impact to consumer attitudes. What does 3D printing hold for the future? Nasa -experimenting with 3D printers developing manufacturing solutions in outer space.
Astronauts can replace valves or widgets
Antarctic- can not wait 6 months for supplies therefore they can print them.
4D printed objects 'make themselves'.
3D Doodler pen - Created by Charles.W. in the mid 1980's Hoffman.T (2011). 'What does the future hold for 3D printing' Available at :http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2394724,00.asp Accessed on: 27/02/2013 Shoes designs
Hearing aids
Bone grafts
Replicate models of organs and tumors, structures from CT scans in preparation for surgery Lipson,H. (2013). 'The next front in the gun control debate.' Available at: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/02/13/next-front-in-gun-control-debate-how-to-handle-3d-printed-guns/ Accessed on:27/02/2013. Breakdown of relationships with other countries, good that are currently not available in certain countries could become available, this with the design file being sent over email then 3D printed.
Loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector? And transport sector as the supply chain is being reduced.
Designs being easily replicated- once a design is out there and accessible it means that any person can print the design, this therefor can lower the perceived quality of products
Copyright of products? Do we need copyright on things like this, there is currently no laws on 3D design products, people could 3D print guns or even in the future 3D print drugs, it would allow them to mix any “cocktail” of chemicals. Need laws and regulations. - A revolutionary phenomenon which enables three dimensional objects to be created using new technology. - An emerging technology with the potential to create significant opportunities for the manufacturing industry and product design companies. What Can 3D Printing Produce? Is there anything else that you can think of that is produced using 3d printing ? The name's printing, 3D Printing Print your own Nokia phone case Transplant jaw made by 3D printer
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