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TEAM Middle NAEA17

No description

Holly Kincaid

on 27 July 2017

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Transcript of TEAM Middle NAEA17

TEAM Middle
Transforming Engaging Assessing Managing
Janine Campbell
hailing from the Heart of Michigan plays third base with technological grace as she dances with creative speed!
Meet the Middle
Links & Resources
TEAM Middle = Middle level members of #artsed #PLN sharing diversified approaches that changed their students into lifelong learners.
Join our TEAM for engaging ways to enrich your program.
#TEAMmiddle #naea17 #artsed


Architecture Design Challenge




Creativity happens when faced with a problem!
students to be independent thinkers.
Theresa McGee
hailing from Illinois, pitching technology speedballs & curveballs only a master in her field can execute!
Holly Bess Kincaid
joining us from Virginia as an amazing Second baseman handling a beautiful blend of creativity and tech!
Stacy Lord
rounding out our lineup from Massachusetts, playing shortstop with quick creative moves ready for anything that comes her way!
students by creating lessons that
are meaningful and relevant.
through direct observation,
self reflection (artist statement)
and presenting
App Resources
Sketchbook Pro

Transforming Technology
What you created. Why you created it. How you feel about it.
What you found exciting (or not) about the project? What are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
If you had the chance to go back and redo the project, what would you do different?
Design Thinking
& Engaging ESL Learners through Arts Integration
1) Ask open ended questions.
Turn their questions back on them.
"I don't know,
what do you think?"
By repeating it back to the student, you give them a chance to see if that was indeed the question they had intended.

We're doing something right!
2) Make them the artist!
Give them a choice in each project.
Creature Design
(when environmental things go wrong!)
When they become
invested, they take
ownership of their
art work which in
return reduces
behavior issues.
Self reflection
Artist statements

learning is to connect what
you are teaching to real life
Choose culturally relevant materials
Use specific everyday examples
Link art processes to core subjects
Self Awareness - Letting students understand their process of creating
Discussion creates collaboration

These students included each others picture in the distance
Artist: Edouard Martinet
Artist: Vladimir Stankovic
Maker Experiences
Digital Portfolios
Flipped Lessons
Tradigital Art
Board Game Design
Toy Production
Kite Design
Lesson plan: http://theteachingpalette.com/creative-creature-lesson/
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