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No description

Daisy Chung

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of career

Group Creative Director Career Opportunities Educational
Requirements Expected Salary Job
Description FOCUS AREA Intermediate Art Director Art Lifestyle Junior art director Art Director These art directors read the copy for printed media. When they have a sense of what the stories or articles are about, they come up with images that improve the message of the story.Then, the art director gather the team that will produce the images(Ex) illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers). Print Advertising art directors design and create advertisements for use in magazines, newspapers, billboards, or television. The concepts of they develop generally depend on their clients’ requirements. Moreover, the directors develop the layouts, storyboards, and scripts for the commercial and bring together actors and a film crew. Also, they help make decisions regarding music, sound, and film techniques. Advertising Educational Requirements Director IDEAS Job Available Art directors are responsible for the general look of films, television shows, stage productions, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and multimedia products. They have a nice sense of design, vision, and style. they all try for visually appealing productions that communicate the purposed messages to the audience. They are also responsible for bringing together the team that will take their creative concepts and turn them into reality. To all who come to my Career plan world, welcome! Film/Television/Theatre Multimedia Some art directors are responsible for the look of film, television, and stage productions. The first thing they do is read the script. If necessary, they investigate the story is set. The directors then find costume and prop designers and oversee their work to make sure there is a realistic portrayal of the period. Multimedia art directors work in the areas of website and video game design. Bringing into deliberation the audience and the message they want to relate, they come up with suitable visual concepts. After the concepts are decided, the art director brings together programmers,computer graphics designers, photographers, and animators to create the images and put them into place. The director supervises the project until it is complete and the client is satisfied. . Related colleges & University Programs How do I have Passion for my career Fine Art/Studio Art Visual and performing Arts, general Film and video production Photography Design, General Graphic Design illustration High school subjects Grade 11 Grade 10 Grade 9 Grade 12
Social Studies
Creative Arts
Computers / Technology
Health & Physical Education English
Social Studies
Personal & Career Development
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Computers / Technology English
Social Studies
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Computers / Technology
Drafting & Design English
Communications & Media Studies
Social Studies
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Computers / Technology
Drafting & Design Earnings $40,000 to -$60,000 a year Requirements •training in graphic design, advertising, or a related field
• Good communication skills Responsibilities designing newspaper or magazine layouts; helping the senior art director position and dress sets for a play, film, or TV show. Earnings=$50,000 - $70,000 a year
Requirements= - Good portfolio of produced work - Preferably some agency experience
Responsibilities= Working on bigger accounts and productions with bigger budgets. Senior Level Art Director Earnings Requirements Critiquing fellow employees’ work; working on big projects; meeting with clients. $55,000 to $90,000 a year • Well produced and recognized projects
• Good relationships with clients My Dream Day on Art Direction 6:00 go for jogging and get shower

7:30 have breakfast

8:00 go to work

8:10-12:00 work and have meeting

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-5:00 work

5:00 go to home

6:00-7:30 making dinner and have food Emily Carr Bachelor of Media Arts Degree Location : Granville Island (Vancouver)

Length : Four Years

Book & Supply Cost Estimates : $2500 per year

Credentials : Bachelor's Degree Responsibilities Earnings: $70,000 to $100,000 a year or more Requirements: • 10 or more years of experience Responsibilities: Overseeing all creative work from rough concepts to finished pieces then dealing with clients. •Advertising Account Executive •Advertising Copywriter
•Artist •Costume Designer
•Desktop Publisher •Exhibit Designer
•Fashion Designer •Film Editor
•Graphic Designer •Illustrator
•Industrial Designer •Set Designer
•Sign Maker •Website Designer The End Resource Page www.careercruising.com www.google.ca www.educationplanner.ca www.youtube.com video Interview I am interesting at drawing
and I always think how can I show my feel or point in my pictures. So, I picked art director among the many other jobs of art. 7:30-8:45 get rest

8:45-10:00 brainstorming and plan for next day

10:00-6:00 ready for sleep then go to bed My father (trade)

how many years have you been in this career?
almost 25years

how did you choose this career?
because I like communicate with people and I was growing up with
watching my father doing same kind of job.

how do you feel about this job?
really like! it's a pretty interesting job.

If you could start all over, would you choose the same career path?
nope, I want to try other jobs. Fine arts, design, and media
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