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ENGL 153 Introduction

An introduction to the course.

Corinna Chong

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of ENGL 153 Introduction

Point of view (first-person, third person, etc.)?
Narrator – who is telling the story (and maybe why)?
Elements of Narrative
Form/ Structure
Style and Tone
Symbol and
What is a narrative?
not only a series of events/story, but also how the story communicates its messages
Is this a narrative?
Form: the genre in which the writer is working (eg. Poetry/verse? Prose/paragraphs? A mixture of both?)
How the text is arranged/oriented on the page
How the ideas are put together
Who the main characters are (personality. distinguishing traits)
How the characters are revealed/developed
How the narrative events are arranged
(eg. Chronologically? Reverse order? Short snippets/fragments put together?)
Time frame/period: Past, present, future, or a combination?
Symbol and Allegory
Symbol: an image, character, or idea that represents or stands in for another concept
Allegory: a story with a hidden meaning (often a social or political message)
Animal Farm
Style and Tone
Writing style
Narrative voice
Mood of voice
Attitude of the writer to the subject matter
What forms do narratives take?
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