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Web Cam with

No description

jonathan deschacht

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Web Cam with

What tech connects to the internet?
Can you think of any...?
Web Cam with
What are you concerned about?

What can go wrong?

A few people want to trick or pressurise young people into doing sexual things online.

This can happen to boys and girls.

Internet Abuse

Stay Safe
Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t want your friends or family to see.

What would my mum think?
How do I know they will keep it to themselves?
What if my friends see it?
Who can I tell if it goes wrong...?
If it has already happened, it is never too late to get help
It is not your fault. You won’t be in trouble
If someone pressures or threatens you, block them and report them to CEOP
Tell a responsible adult as soon as possible
Call Childline for advice at any time:
0800 1111
The abuser has broken the law. The police will find and arrest them
Stay safe online
An abuser might pretend to be a boy or girl your age.

They might even pretend to be someone you know.
They chat and flirt online.
They start to chat about sex.
They ask for naked selfies, or to go naked on webcam.
Then they threaten:
I will share this pic with everyone you know if you don’t do more things on webcam/ hurt yourself/ give me money...
Quick Quiz:
Round 1:
Picture Round
Spot the Sex Offender
Round 2: Fact or Fiction?
A) A minor (under 16) who downloads or saves an indecent image of someone the same age can be arrested for the production of child pornography
What information can be revealed on a profile?

Personal Info?
...or an employer?
Internet providers and the police can apply an invisible mark to pictures that are reported to them. This stops pictures being shared and potentially alerts them to other abusive images.
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