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The Nature of Tour

No description

zoe velasquez

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of The Nature of Tour

Domestic Tourism
Domestic tourism refers to travel taken exclusively within the national boundaries of the traveler's country. People find it easy to do so because there are no language or currency barriers.
International Tourism
International Tourism involves the movement of people across international boundaries. It is more difficult to travel outside one's own country because the country visited has requirements such as passports, visas and other conditions to be met by tourists.
Package Tour
A package tour, sometimes called "inclusive tour" is an arrangement in which transport and accommodation is bought by the tourist at an all-inclusive price.
Tour Operator
A tour operator who organizes the package tour purchases transport and hotel accommodation in advance, usually obtaining this in a lower price because he/she is buying it in bulk.
Independent Tour
An independent tour is one in which the tourist buys these facilities separately, either making reservations in advance through a travel agent.
Independent Inclusive Tour (IIT)
Independent inclusive tour is one in which the tourist travels to his destination individually.
Group Inclusive Tour (GIT)
Group inclusive tour is one in which the tourist travels with the company of other tourists.
Presented by: Zoe Velasquez
The Nature of Tour
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