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No description

Morgan Cahoon

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of STONE FOX

Stone Fox is an amazing
book and the author is John
Reynolds. The setting is in Wyoming.The main characters
are Willy a 10 year old kid, his
dog Searchlight and a giant indian named Stone Fox. There is a big problem, Willy's
Grandfather doesn't want to live.
Stone Fox the
indian never lost a dogsled race.
Doc Smith the only doctor in town has a palomino horse named Rex.
Willy is the same years old as his dog.
At the end of the
story searchlight
dies from a heart

Balto is half wolf but
unlike other half wolf
dogs Balto obeys his
owner and people
around him
Balto died at
the age 14

Gunner Kasson
was the guide for
the dogsled team
They made it to
to Nome at 5:30
in the morning.
Balto was an amazing dog
and an author named Margaret Davidson wrote about the story of an amazing
dog named Balto. Balto is a
half Eskimo and half wolf dog
he traveled a lot of miles and
did not stop. He saved a lot of
lives from a disease called diphtheria.
Summary Of Stone Fox
Little Willy's grandfather doesn't
want to live anymore because he
has to pay the tax collectors 500
dollars. If he doesn't they will take
their farm away. So one day little Willy finds a poster and it says there's a dogsled race in town. And if you win you
earn 500$ dollars. He heard from people
in town that there is a giant indian in town who never lost a dogsled race. But
Willy is not scared of Stone Fox because
he had Searchlight his dog. When it
was the day of the race at the end near
his house he saw his grandfather out
the window but near the finish line
searchlight died from a heart attack.

Main Characters of Stone Fox
Little Willy
Stone Fox
Willy's Grandfather
Little Willy is a sweet little 10 year old who is brave to race with an indian who never lost a dogsled race.
Stone Fox is an indian with a heart because he is willing to give up 500$ for Willy.
Searchlight is Willy's dog is and is caring because she
does ever thing with him.
Willy's grandfather is a funny person but doesn't want to live anymore.


Main Characters of Balto

Gunner Kasson
Balto is a brave and hard work dog but he is not all dog he is also half wolf but unlike other half wolf dogs balto is different because he obeys orders from people.
Gunner Kasson is Balto's guide of the whole team of dogs he is caring because he doesn't stop even though he
passed the town of Safety.
In Nome there was a case of diphtheria
and it was bad. The medicine was all gone so
they asked for some from Anchorage but there was a storm and it was bad. They could
not go any were.But then they thought of an idea they would use dogsleds to travel so they
started from Anchorage then to Buff. The guide of the team from Anchorage said to Gunner Kasson " its to cold its to risky to go.''
But he went any way because it was is job to
Balto his lead dog. It was all up to Balto to save ever body. It was a long trip all the dogs
were cold. Gunner said '' we've been traveling
for 14 hours. Then he realized that they skipped the town of safety. Even though they
missed the town of Safety they kept on
going soon they made! It was all because
of an amazing dog Balto.

Balto & Gunner Kasson
John Reynolds
Willy and Searchlight
Opinions For Balto
I like that Balto never gave up even when he was tired.
I like the story because Balto saves a bunch of people from dieing.{ It is a true story }
I like that Gunner Kasson saids "He's not going to go turn back and go all the way back to the town of Safety" when he passes it.
I think Balto is amazing because he saves thousands of lives from dieing.
I think Gunner Kasson made a good choose when he put Balto in the lead of the team.
Opinions For Stone Fox
I think that it is sad and happy because it starts out kind of sad then in the middle it starts to get happy then in the end it is sad.
I think Stone fox is kind of mean kind of nice. I think that because he hit Willy in the eye. I think that he is nice because he made Willy win the race even though he could have.
I think Willy's Grandfather should live even though he has to pay 500$.
I think Stone fox is a great story but when searchlight dies I think the story starts to get a little sad.
I think they shouldn't have made searclight die it's just so sad.
Balto Saves Nome
Balto the Saver of Nome
Balto a half wolf half dog saves the town of Nome.
The leader Gunner Kasson is the owner of this amazing dog. There was a horrible sickness in the town of Nome. The weather was horrible too. So the went by dogsled, they went town to town. Finally it was Gunner Kasson's teams turn. Gunner put Balto in the front {Great choice}
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