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Western Civ 8 - The Consequences of the Industrial Revolution

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Margaret Peacock

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Western Civ 8 - The Consequences of the Industrial Revolution

The Consequences of the Industrial Revolution
National Economies - Britain
The implications of industrialization were far-reaching.
Before 1815, industrialization was very much a British phenomenon.
Britain was then linked to the rest of the world through steam shipping.
The Cunard Line of British Steamships
The Human Implications
For the aristocracy
The middling orders
The lower middle class
Wedgewood and Cadbury
The Making of the Working Class
A class of urban factory workers is born as a product of the Industrial Revolution.
The Beginnings of the Outcry
Early 19th century, members of Parliament begin to inquire into the conditions of the workers.
The Sadler commission publishes the Parliamentary Papers, 1831-1832. They find that conditions are far worse than many feared.
Living Conditions
Riis, Jacob A. (Jacob August), 1849-1914
Food and Health
Pollution of Thames River in London (1858)
Illustrated in Punch cartoon "Silent Highway Man"
The working class receives poor nutrition.
They are prone to diseases.
The Spiritual & Moral Implications of the Industrial Revolution
Writers begin to address the issue of “Quality of Life.”
The break-up of families.
The loss of privacy, the rise of disease and violence.
Dens of Death: Baxter StreetRiis, Jacob A. 1849-1914
What was the Industrial Revolution?
The move from hand production to machines
The invention of new chemical production and metal manufacturing.
Was the Industrial Revolution good for human history or not?
1. YES
2. NO
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