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Moving to the City Session 5

No description

melissa sequeiros

on 19 March 2018

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Transcript of Moving to the City Session 5

Moving to the City
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Read and identify the what main aspects the man is describing and what recommendations he is giving
Time to Work
Today's Objective
will be ...
Take a look
Today you will write
an open letter describing your cities and giving advice for someone who comes to their city for the first time.

The structure of the letter
The date, the audience, the introductory paragraph, the description, the suggestions, the ending and the farewell. Additionally, paragraphs have a topic sentence with some supporting details.
Are there any expressions used to express opinion? What about to express contrast? Are there any other expressions you can use?
What structures are used to describe? What other structures are they using?
Greeting and short description of the city (adjectives and weather)

Important aspects of my city (2) and details about them

Recommendations (at least 2)

Closing ideas

Expressions that might be used
Structural elements
Phrases and expressions
Discourse and organization
Use of English
What are the parts of
the text you have just written?
How is an open letter different from the letters you usually write?
What is the structure and what is the style?

Date: March 10th 2018
Audience: Formal-Public

Introduction #1 paragraph:
Open question
Description # 1 paragraphs:
Information about the city (Population,weather, popular venues,ect)

Suggestions #1 paragraph:Should,Ought to

Conclusion #1 paragrah:
Write your own opinion

sign: Sincerely
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