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Navigating the Digital Universe (and the idea behind CircleMe)

A presentation on tips and lessons on the digital presence in the consumer space, plus the perspective that lead to the idea and launch of CircleMe (http://circleme.com). By Giuseppe D'Antonio (design concept by Lais Kantor Caserta).

Giuseppe DAntonio

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Navigating the Digital Universe (and the idea behind CircleMe)

Being FAST
1) My career & experiences: Manh, Google, Dada, Beintoo*, greenApes* & CircleMe

2) CircleMe: history, pitfalls, and achievements

3) Key traits of a startupper (consumer/digital) :
passionate about the sector

1) Take action and break things
2) Measure-measure-measure (everything... that matters!)
3) Synchronize team (on same agile methodology)
4) Remember "Devil is in the Details"
5) Practice Continuous Innovation
1) Shy away from social media presence
2) Target everyone and replicate off-line strategies
3) Think of the web before mobile
4) Focus on "vanity metrics"
5) Outsource key activities
1) Sector is very DYNAMIC - you must be FAST!

2) Being fast means you WILL MAKE MISTAKES.

3) There are no given theories or "best practices"

4) The "best" practice is Trial&Error (IMPORTANT: understand clearly and fast which one is the 'error')

5) Methodology and measuring practices are key to progress

6) Apply Agile Methodologies, such as SCRUM (Internal Core team required)
1) User-experience is fundamental

2) Need for Intuitiveness

3) Goal: decrease "friction" (IMPORTANT: know how to define friction)

4) Attention: UX is not only in the visible part, but also in the "back end"

5) It's always a Trade-off! (Hence it's important to do Trial&Error paired with measuring)

1) Break things! (practicing Trial&Error and continuous innovation)

2) Implement AGILE and sync team to the method

3) Define "friction" and continuously work on its decrease

4) Learn from users, also studying them to observe intentions and demands.

5) Measure (+ measure + MEASURE!)

VC backed
International team
1 million items (i.e., passions) mapped
Very high user engagement & loyalty
International recognition
AppCircus Winner (London, UK)
AVF Winner (Lausanne, CH)
Top20 World Mobile Congress 2013 (Barcelona, ES)
"Best New Social Network 2012" (AllMyFaves)

1) all (+/-) can be measured
2) users want speed and reactivity
3) the market changes constantly
4) always measure:
a- growth
b- virality
c- engagement
d- stickiness
WHY CircleMe?
Passions not only allow anyone to achieve more in their activities and ventures, but also enable people to access a universe of unknown and

by facilitating



CircleMe focuses on the
individual and their passions,
and then brings content and services to them based on these
real interests.

can be

The engine of smart
serendipituous discovery.
Giuseppe D'Antonio
CircleMe, Founder & CEO
The PUSH system
has a long way to go!
The PULL system
is quite optimized.
New horizons
come to sight.
email: giuseppe@circleme.com
twitter: @giudantonio
To really get to know me, it would be great to know what

interests and passions
in life are...
...and many more interests would define who I truly am.
Being digital (in the consumer space) means being...
The times are mature to develop a solution such as...
Alright, we like to have some fun also when we prepare a presentation... what does the Millenium Falcon have to do with CircleMe? Perhaps nothing... but it's a super cool spaceship.

(ah! and if you found this "presentation easter egg", you are a curious fella', and curiosity leads to a life worth living - bravo!) ;-)



We are ready to...
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