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Write. Edit. Design. Compute.

A presentation to the National Association of Black Journalists, July 31, 2014. Co-presenters: Kim Pearson, TCNJ; Ingrid Sturgis. Howard; Jon Fortt, CNBC

Kim Pearson

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Write. Edit. Design. Compute.

An Introduction to Computational Journalism
Are you a computational thinker?
Survey feedback
Howard Hookup http://howardhookup.com
SOAP: http://tardis.tcnj.edu/CABECT/SOAP/index.php

It's not just CAR
Computational Journalism = user-centered tools for citizen engagement

Write. Edit. Design. Compute.
We all need to be technology creators
and technically literate collaborators and consumers
and YOU
Creating Collaborations
Other community partners
Funding sources and learning resources
CABECT: http://tardis.tcnj.edu/cabect
NSF: http://1.usa.gov/18NQSGs
Compton Foundation
Resource list: http://bit.ly/1pK9VDr
based on research partially funded by the National Science Foundation - Award #1141170
Need to identify learning progressions and relevant "isomorphisms": eg
story as data structure, editing as iteration, publishing as algorithm
SOAP: Students Organizing Against Pollution
Multiphase collaboration across multiple classes and semesters at TCNJ
Ingrid Sturgis
Jon Fortt
Kim Pearson
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