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1.What are some examples of some recent legislation your gro

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Esther Onema

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of 1.What are some examples of some recent legislation your gro

BY: Period 7A
Nathaly Martinez
Michael McAllister
Esther Onema
Fred Zeder

1.What are some examples of some recent legislation your group supported or opposed?
Recent legislation that NAACP has supported is DREAM Act and it opposed The Gang Abatement and Prevention Act.
2.What actions does your group take to try to influence policy and the public agenda?
NAACP political activism consists of legal challenges, protest, policy reviews, lobbying, and mobilization. They also lobby congress for bills they want passed.
3.Which parts of the government does the NAACP target?
The NAACP targets mainly the Judicial an Legislative branches of
the Government to ensure equality amongst all individuals, including
minorities. They fight to ensure that current legislature is
interpreted fairly for all races and that any future legislature will
maintain that status quo.

4.Does it favor one political party over the other?
Though the NAACP fights for equal rights of African Americans and
minorities they don't support a specific political party, but since
such a large percent of African Americans support the Democratic party
they tend to show support towards that party since its constituents
make up the individuals of that party.
5.What is it doing to support their favored candidates?
What the NAACP is doing to support their favored candidates is ensuring that there is political and educational equality among all people. They are trying to suppress racism through political action. The NAACP alleges to be “non-partisan” but is claimed to be pro-democratic by the 112th Congress Report Card and are in support of the DREAM Act legislation. They are also in support of the legislation to help reduce state prison populations, reduce cocaine sentencing, and to reduce America’s Childhood of obesity. Their focus revolves around assisting others and to increase the well-being of the social atmosphere.

Current issues
Proposition 36 was issued in 2012 to reduce state penalties for felons whole
third crime is not violent in an effort to suppress the population is State prisons.
1,000 prisoners have been granted release through Proposition 36 but there are
still 2,000 eligible inmates who are still waiting to be reviewed. Unfortunately,
Los Angeles County has a 17% reviewing rate among filed petitions. “The NAACP
on Thursday asked federal judges attempting to force population caps on the
state prisons to consider ordering California to expedite those Proposition 36
hearings, and at the same time make parole or probation services available to
those felons when they are released.” Although the NAACP was unsuccessful
because their request goes beyond the state’s role. The NAACP has been active in
trying to reduce the California prison population and has seen success but is now
climbing. It is clear that the NAACP seeks redemption among people and wants
to offer people more opportunities for freedom.
7.How effective is it in achieving its agenda?
In 1948 the NAACP pressured President Truman into signing the Executive order that banned segregation by the Federal Government.
In 1954, the NAACP won its landmark legal case- Brown v. board of education
In 1965, the Voting Rights Act was passed. The NAACP persuaded more than 80,000 African Americans in Mississippi to register for the right to vote.
The NAACP is very effective in achieving its agenda.
Thank you
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