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Chris McCandless Life Timeline

No description

Kylie Shrier

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Chris McCandless Life Timeline

By: Kylie Shrier Timeline of Chris McCandless' Life 1991- The Adventure Continues Early Life 1990- Start of the Adventure February 12,1968 Christopher Johnson McCandless born into a "well off" family in El Segundo, California. Family: Walt (father), Billie (mother), and Carine (sister). June 1986 Chris graduated highschool, he was a good student, also very involved in cross country. This summer, McCandless wen on his first adventure alone all summer April-June 1990 Graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. After graduation he donated the rest of his money from his education fund, $24,000 to Oxfam, an organization fighting world hunger. In late June, Chris began on his great adventure. July 1990 McCandless abandoned his beloved Datsun in Arizona after a flash flood although it was not too badly damaged. He also left many of his belongings in the car. August 1990 He arrived in North Carolina and while hitch hiking he met Jan Burres when she offered him a ride. She fed him, gave him a place to stay, and they became very close, she was sort of a motherly figure for Chris. When he left they still kept in touch, he sent her post cards every month or two. September 1990 McCandless was in South Dakota now, which is where he met Wayne Westerberg. Wayne offered him a job, and because he had a shortage of money, Chris gladly accepted the offer. The two established a good friendship during this time. October 1990 Surprisingly, Chris McCandless successfully crossed the Mexican border in a kayak without getting caught. May 1991 Chris ends up in Bullhead Arizona where he decides to stay for a while. He gets a trailer and a job at Burger King. December 1991 In December Chris went to the Slabs-an abandoned military base where vagabonds and vagrants go-with Jan and Bob Burres. 1992-The Alaskan Odyssey January 1992 Then, in Salton City, California McCandless meets Ronald Franz while hitch hiking. Ronald was old, lonely, and taught Chris many things. April 1992 The Alaskan Odyssey begins, in April he finally arrives in Fairbanks, Alaska. He also meet Jim Gallien who gives him a ride to the Stampede Trail. May 1992 In May Chris McCandless arrived at the abandoned bus reading '142' where he stays for a couple months. Ausgust 1992 In August, he could no longer eat the potato roots because they were becoming bitter and inedible. So instead he ate the seeds, which were covered in alkaloid that would prevent him from obtaining nourishment from them, eventually starving to death around August 18.
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